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Lyrics to enjoy

1. In a world 2. In the middle of the night 3. God is leading me 4. Our focus on the Lord 5. Everthing is His 6. Why do we do what we do 7.Wanting to be different 8.Christmas is about Christ 9. When is Christmas 10. Christmas with you 11. Christmas every day of the year

Ideas to think about

1. God is the same 2.God seen in us 3. We in the U.S.A or #1 4. Sex is ordained by God 5.Assimilate 6. We are spirit beings 7.Christianity where did it begin 8. servant of god or Servant of God 9.Changed lives as people see a difference 10. What spirits are you affected by? 11. You don't have to be so eager to fit in 12. Why are people so angry? 13. Why are we to be responsible? 14.What is a testimony? 15. This world system is going to get worse 16. Why are we so fearless and arrogant? 17.Sin and Satan are seriouly destructive 18. Rebellion is as witchcraft 19. Insecurity, why do people have it? 20. Are there skeletons in your closet? 21. Are you selfish? 22.Why so much misery and loneliness? 23. What's happening to this world? 24. So many mega churches, so little change 25. The history of mankind 26.Why do males hate females? 27. What is suicide? 28. What's up, with the african americans? 29. Why religion is so persuasive? 30. Where do people fit in your life? 31. The law of man, verses the Law of God 32. Europe is Japheth Noah's oldest son 33. What's the purpose of humankind? 34. What's the real answer to life 35.Purpose, why are you here? 36. Similiarities and differences 37. We are some pitiful creatures 38.Watch your mouth 39. Morally good spiritually dead 40. Spiritual in a physical body 41. Are you a member of the church of Christ? Or are you just a member of a local church? 42. What gives us the right to be arrogant? 43.Confrontations of sin and negativity.

Messages for the heart

1. The Same as Adam 2. Forsook 3. Guilt 4. Now 5. The system is a subtil attack 6.Struggles strengthen 7. The flesh can't be fulfilled 8.Four types of fruit 9. It's all about love 10. Christian be consistent

Poems for sanity

1. Masters will 2. It's the pressue 3. Stay sane 4. He knows it all 5. Don't quit 6.Why do we disrespect 7.He knows it all 8. Pray christian pray This is what's in this website, just click on what's new and take a look.

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