Q: Why did we create this website?
A: We created this website for the purpose of sharing knowledge for enjoying life.

Q: Where did we come up with the idea?
A: Since everything we have belongs to God, we decided it would be wrong to keep it to ourselves.

Q: Who really is looking for knowledge, to enjoy life?
A: Believe me, when you have all this world could afford; and no peace of mind to enjoy it, you'll look here.

Q: Who made us the authority of knowledge?
A: We are not an authority of knowledge, niether do we play one on television. But we share what God allows us to experience with others. God uses people to help other people.

Q: Are we a minister, of God?
A: Yes, every child of God is a minister. We have been giving the great commisson, to preach the gospel to the world. This gospel is good news. Not just to stay out of hell, but to be made a whole being. And to enjoy this life to the fullest.

Q: Why is everyone so hard on rich people?
A: Most rich people, are only rich financially. They, lack any concern for spiritual things because they can buy their way out of most uncomfortable situations. They also are paranoid and very untrusting of everyone. They don't need God, so they think.

Q: What wrong with being rich?
A: Nothing, if you are rich where it matters most. It's in the spirit man, where it counts. God alone causes us to enjoy everything in this life. Without Him, you won't enjoy rest, recreation or retirement. Life without God, is no life at all.

Q: What makes this website different from any other?
A: We offer poems, Lyrics, messages and ideas. Our goal is to point out; The priorities of life. God first, all else is fringe benefits. There's nothing wrong with riches, in their proper context. Being rich in your soul is of much more importance.

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