The goal of the many men and policies from the birth of these United States was a test! There were forces in effect long before the thirteen colonies. Their goal was to create a country primarily on the basis of capitalism. With only a particular group of people who controls this new country. There's a hierarchy, There's the scull and bones, the alpha beta kapha, the Shriners and the freemasons. These groups control the world! No, the United States wasn't made as a Christian nation! It was built on violence! Some congressman or freemasons. Some of the Presidents were free masons. There's signs all over this world of freemasons. Even on the dollar bill, there's the all seeing eye. I thought before this was to represent God. Oh, no, I was wrong. This was for the elite. yes, someone told them to sign the declaration of Independence with the help of forces not having to do with GOD! This is why so many inhumane acts have been committed. Even the 9-11 incident was committed by the United States! Yes, it was done to create a atmosphere of FEAR! It worked! All the attempts of this country to appear to be nice and Christian is all Hypocrisy! Don't speak out about the elite or they will threaten to shut you down! The truth must be told. It's all about greed and Selfishness. The crimes against particular races, the incarceration of African American males is just totally immoral! The homeless and the poor are of no value, because they can't benefit the rich! This country is in total defiance of God and his laws! Do your own investigation.

The System Is Against Us All

In this world it's stated in the Bible, because of sin; we have poverty, disease, in the U.S. we have more incarcerated than any other country on the planet. This is probably due to this fact. We live in a country where capitalism is the aim. If you have money, you're rewarded. if you're poor, the system say's you're lazy. So what you have is taken away and given to the rich. The devil is in charge of the system. He hates us all! The system consist of religious, political, material, psychological. As we all know already, most of us are poor. God made us all! it's something how greed and empathy toward ones fellow man is so apparent! It's so easy to give to charities in other countries, while neglected those at home, is very Hypocritical! The politicians are suppose to represent their constituents. Many don't! They are more concerned about the rich who backed their campaign. Religiously, most of the miserable people can be found in many of the local churches. The bitterness and anger in the world is an indicated of a lack of trust and belief in God. Misery and pain and all the attacks against the poor is not by accident. The System Is Against Us All!


When it seems there's only angry,hurting,bitter people everywhere, And you think you're all alone in life and no one seems to care. When the system seems to beat you down, and the church folk seems so mean, and it seem there's no hand you can reach, and on no shoulder you can lean. My God is stronger than the system and yes he understands, He's a stronghold for if we only turn. When faced with the wheels of an oncoming bus, and you're marked up really bad, the situation tends to test your trust. All that happened makes you mad. Chorus:My God is stronger than the system and yes he understands, He's a stronghold for us if we only turn. If the trials that you face seem more than you can bear, always keep God first place, He loves us all and really care. He say's in His word, tribulations you'll have here, I overcame the world, so you be of good cheer. Chorus:


Let's start from the beginning, God made the angels and the heavens. He made man in his image. Some of the angels were made to serve man and to insure man would learn to exist on this planet. There was this one particular archangel, who God made more beautiful than the rest. he was made with the freedom of choice. Unfortunate for him he thought because he was so beautiful, he would overthrow God. God told him To serve this created being from the dust. Lucifer the illuminated one.He became slanderous and complained! He decieved angels into thinking he was right. He chose to be rebellious and filled with pride. Saying,"I will, I will overthrow God" Well, he decieved himself into thinking he could overthrow the one who made him. He didn't want to serve a created being made from dust. Because he thought it was below him. Actually he despised and was very jealous of man. We all know the story of Adam and Eve, IT WAS TRUE!!! It really happened! Even if Satan has influenced many it didn't. Do your own research! God casted out Satan, to this earth. He now has the power of the atmosphere. To manipulate the enviroment and the humans with the secret ability to acquire wealth and to use and exploit any one or any situation or circumstance. Doing this without even a trace that can be pointed to them. It's a group of people who believe it's there job to bring about the New World Order. These people can with the help of the illuminated oned one, SATAN or Lucifer. There goal is to, and has been to control, the government, the economy, the religious system, the Judicial system and the Media. There's no place to run or hide from these people. They control celebrities, they have assasinated presidents, celebrities and anyone who speaks out against them. They operate in plain sight becasue they believe they are untouchable. Amalek is the spirit of this age. This word will bring you to our present day illuminati. Let me say something about The freemasons and the skull and bones. All of these secret societies are working to bring in the NWO. Who's goal is to deplete the earth's poulation to about a billion people. They were the ones behind every war in the world. They were behind every little baby who was murdered in the the womb. Today, it's about 55million. They have and are ,still, kidnapping teens and have buried them alive. And It seems they are unstoppable. Listen, God still controls the affairs of man. You reap what you sow. As, I've always said, I will keep it real until I get "KILLED"! Bring it on, God made me I fear no man! Yeah these people find people to do their dirty work. Then they blame these crazy people who don't have a clue. When you read this, just do your own research. I only know the end of the story. The illuminati Loses, and God, WINS"! What we need to do now is to get the word out. They are rapidly attaining their goal. They have eyes every where. Don't fear! GOD IS ALMIGHTY!!!!


There's no secret, that will not be revealed. God created the world and all that is in it. Lucifer wanted to be God. God made man in his image. He wanted the morning star to be the servant of man. Lucifer in his conceited self, wanted to overthrow God. He said, I will I will I will! God said no you won't! Banished him from heaven, took away the fire and purpose. He became Satan the slanderer. He slandered God among the angels. A third of them believed him. This third, were kicked out of heaven. Satan, Took control of the earth after he decieved man. Using his deceptive beauty he presumed upon man's will. Man being a creature made with a will, had to choose, to obey this serpent or to obey God. It has always been about obedience to God! Man failed the test! God always has a plan. Okay, Satan now an empty hateful murderous slandering Liar. Duped man into thinking he could gain knowledge about good and evil. He didn't tell man the whole truth. Why would he? He was jealous and hated mankind ever since God created us from the dust of the earth. he wasn't made from the dust. So, he thought he was better than us. Just like he hate God He hates us also. Remember God made us in his image. When the devil was put out of heaven he landed on earth. Where instead of using his true nature and form, he came to man in three ways. The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. The lust of the flesh, what ever makes you feel good, no pain. The lust of the eyes, see everthing is good to be taken advantage of. And the pride of life, you are little gods in the making. use the cosmos as you will it's yours to manipulate! Use people, in positions of authority, use lower people. Use the whole system to rape pilage sacrifice assasinate,anyone who attempts to change our course of action. Start wars and come up with the resolutions. Instigate to manipulate! Tell the people through the media and banking, there's not enough food or sustaining resources to accomdate the 7 billion of people. There's just to many people on the planet. The earth can't handle all these people. We must do what's neccesary to lower the population to at least one billion! Pride makes you do selfish, evil and audacious stuff. Satan's filled with darkness. This is known as emptiness he can never be satified!. We share this attribute when we go against God. This is why, many people do all sort of negative and evil things, to themselves and to others. Their attempts are to fill this GOD shaped void. Only God can fill it! Not religion! Not wealth! No power over masses! There's so many stories in our world about the 12 tribes of Israel. Who they really are! The Amalekites,and there eager attempts today to destroy the Israelites. Do your own research! Yes, there is this New World Order out there. Most of us are in our own bliss. Decieved by the media. Which is under the control of the Rothchilds and the Rockefellas. These illuminist infiltrated all the world system! They plant people in positons over authority to make decisions. yes, they could be the chief of the police. The Judges! The doctors who make vacines to kill the people off. They even could be freemasons who, march in parades and seem to be good old guys, with their strange attire. These people who are a part of secret societies. Along with skull and bones. They are all following the lie of the devil. He promises power, When in reality can give only an illusion. He's a smoke and mirrors kind of being. He's always wanted to duplicate GOD. He knows the secrets of manipulating the cosmo to cause it to do his bidding at the time.The occultic activities they promote sure, these societies have the power to use the energy on the planet to their will. Only it comes at a price. They won't know it until the end! All secrets shall be revealed. Remember there's nothing hid that shall not be made known. God made it all! It began with God and it shall end with God! It's not about any one particular race! It's all about destroying the whole human race! Satan hates us all! Stop being decieved secret societies! There's no secret, with GOD!


AS we look back in History, the same ideas and thoughts pervade us. There has always been a group of people who believe they knew what was best for the masses. These ideas have permeated our world from thrones of the past to our present presidents and kings. Bilgeberg a group of people have made a pact with the devil to enslave mankind. Under a guise of a New World Order. Their attempts seem to be prevaling as most people are asleep. They already control everything from the media, the entertainment industry, the President and all aspect of our society. What these secretive people don't understand is, there's no secret with God, that shall not be revealed! God is light! All darkness must be revealed! Yes, these people control the police, the judges the whole penal system. They can lie on a person and incarcerate you for life! There's no one standing in their way. Let me reiterate something, Satan is the god of this secretive system. These people have paid a big price for their allegiance to him. Yes, he promised them gold and silver. he promised them the abilty to manipulate the masses with lies about the reality of this world. He controls people by basically giving them their selfish and sensual desires. Satan, lies to most of us about what it means to be nice and kind. Most of us believe we're good! because we obey man's rules and regulations. As far as God's rules and regulations are concerned we disobey. most of us are afraid of the face of man! We don't know who we are, because we've been conglamorated into a mass of puppets, who look around to see what everyone else is doing. We then follow suit. Anyone who fails to follow suit, is ostrasized! Yes, I understand this very clearly. I've be rejected by everyone, but God! I mean all of this is nothing physical. It's a battle for the mind. My mind already belongs to God. So anyone who communicates with me are very careful not to get to close. Their afraid it might rub off on them. As it is, whoever you have constant communications with affect you. So when these secret societies, believe they have power over people, their not told it's lucifer's power. He shares it with no one in any form of honesty! He lies, that's all he knows! He's called the father of lies! When the system is finally destroyed, everything and everyone connected to it will go down with this supposedly unsinkable ship! Yes, Satan is in charge of this world system. All who love it will perish with it!

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