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Ideas And Instructions 230

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God Is The Same As He's Always Been

We've made God, into an image like ourselves. I mean, we've used every tactic possible to manipulate God to do something for us. Or we convince ourselves, that God owes us something. All he owes us is hells fire. But he loves us so much. We use his word as though it were a lamp with a jeannie in it.

We have, all of our catchy phrases, name it and claim it. If you can believe it, you can recieve it. If your poor, then you don't have the God kind of faith. Where do we come up with all of this nonsense? People are dying and going to hell. Most of us who claim to be christians, are trying to out do each other.

What's wrong with us? God in his word, in the person of Jesus Christ said "I and if I be lifted up, Will draw all men unto me". I believe I have an idea, as to why people aren't coming into a relationship with God; It's because so many men and their personalities, are over shadowing God.

No man, has ever saved one soul. No man can be the Holy Spirit. We get the impression we're all that, when we exceed the church down the street. What has happened? As we said earlier, God did'nt change; we did. We speak of the anointing, there is a such thing. But we believe it only applies while in church.

This concept today, we call christianity is totally rejected by the world. Why, you ask? Because most of us sitting in these churches are as bad, or maybe worst than these persons who don't go to our particular church. The church is in the world, and the world is in the church. God help us.

God wants to be seen in us

The only way, any human being can see God, is in and through the physical body of man. We must understand, that we are the vehicle God uses. We must first come into a relationship with Him. And then he can begin a work on us, to cause us to look like him. We must understand that we are more concerned with ourselves, then we are with the things of God.

When we are indwelled by the Spirit of God, we tend to be concerned with the salvation of souls. Only God can save souls. We are to allow God to work in us as christians. And if God is working in us, the lost can be found. It's something, how we can be more concerned with what man think.

My point is this, we in this country U.S.A claim to be christian. Why do we claim this? Because as we believe this country was built on the Bible. This sounds good, but it's not altogether true. We in this country, are some of the most ungrateful, arrogant, selfish people on planet earth. Yes, we say in God we trust, but in actuality it,s in mammon we trust.

Our world is filled with users. Everyone wants to use each other for their own benefit. If I do this for you, what's in it for me. We apart from God can't do anything with a sincere motive. Why, you ask? Kindness is considered as dumbness. If a person honestly helps another, he's seen as weak. This world preys on the kind hearted. Because we are so depraved.

We must understand, that regardless as to what's going on in this world; we who have a relationship with God, must be different. Kindness, is the only defense against meanness. We help people, until we die. There will always be the player haters and the mockers, and the users. But God is bigger, than them all. We must allow God, to love people through us; so they can be saved. Let's be different everyday. So God can save some souls.

We who live in the United States are #1

Yes, we're number one in immorality, in greed,in selfishness, in racism in discrimination. Our government, is aware of everything that take place in this country. So why is it, that our inner cities are targets for destruction? I mean there are drugs brought into the inner cities, at an alarming rate. Yes, our government is aware of this castastrophy. Certain races targeted for annihilation. Or, incarcerated in prisons. Yes, now the corporations wants in on this booming business. The profiting from, the incarceration of so many minorities. Why, target the weak? are these people worst, than the rest? I think not. In this country, we believe the best way to profit is to do so at the misery of others. This is so sad. This country has the more of it's citizens incarcerated throughout the whole world. I don't have the stats. This imprisoning, a particular race out of fear, is perposterous. If we allow this race of people to perform, they might just get revenge on us. It's ungodly to suppose this type of attitude and conduct, won't be judged by God. As the scripture say's all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Also, in this country, pornography is in the billions of dollars. So many countless lives are ruined. This perversion, of God's idea from the appropriate use of sex. We are paying for our greed of money, and our exploiting of our children. The dishonoring of our bodies, all for the price of a dollar. Yes, the government recieves from the porn industry. The government profits, off those who are imprisoned. Pain, misery, poverty and lust; pays. And it also cost. We in this country believe we're invincible. This is not the truth. Sept. 11th proved that. Probably because it was an inside job. God loves us so much, and we hate him so much.

Sex is ordained by God

In our world, from the very beginning God ordained sex. He told the first man to be fruitful and mulitiply, and replenish, the earth. His intention was to produce offsprings of his kind. He did as God told him. What happened, how did we get in the mess we are currently in? It's not complicating at all. God's idea of sex, was perverted when the devil acquired the keys of the world. He became the god of the world. Just as, the God of creation has a plan. So does the god of this present system. He perverted God's idea. Today, sex is seen as; something very ugly and sinister. Why, you ask? Any time you take the God of creations idea out of a thing, it becomes perverted. We see in our world, thoughs who were abused as children sexually, become abusers themselves. It would be safe to say, this perversion began in the bed of a man and woman who didn't love or even like each other. Sex is there, as a way of revenge. Or as release of pent up frustration; and even rage and anger. This is where we get rape. It's not about sex; it's about control. And sex with children, is about revenge. Fornication is sex outside of marriage. I've heard conversations from many guys who said, they've laid with many women. No feelings at all, only the pleasure of the release. No respect for the woman, or no respect for the man. Everyone using each other. Why, is our world in such bad shape? It's because we human beings believe that sex is free. Pornography is the in thing. You can lay with different men and women and get paid. That sounds so easy. Today, in our world there are men and women who don't even like each other. But,they enjoy having sexual relations. The famous, go to the higher courts to make laws. Does this alleviate the problem? No. There are people who are in high positions of authority who were victims of sexual abuse, and never recieved any psycological treatment, turned themselves into the perpetrator. Oh, they have gone to school, they have their degrees. They have accomplished deeds to give others the impression as though they have it altogether. They purposed in their heart to get revenge, on anyone who commits this certain crime. Because they never recieved any help. They, acting worst than those who held them victim. Everyone of us, knows someone who has been sexually abused. Or we've been the victim. Let's get back to the topic. If you, are living in fornication, God can help you. If you were a victim of sexual abuse, God can and will help you. Sex is still originally God's idea.

Assimilate the rest of the uncivilized world

The history of the world, is not necessarily found in man's book. It's recorded, in the Bible. Not, in the way which we were taught. Religion, has been with this world since the beginning. Where did this idea of assimilation come from. Well, we've by no means claim to be an expert; neither do we play one on television. Let's go back to the "motherland". Back in Europe, there was so much dissension, at the point where people were losing their lives. Because of their refusal to follow the one religion of Europe. These people assumed, that because of their persecutions, they must be Jews. They were faced with all sorts of atrocities. They were made slaves, they were abused in every way possible. They were told,to assimilate are die. Because this government was so powerful, they had to perform according to the laws of their land. This information is not found in any book. So, when you read this; It is the original. Back to my story. These people, who were treated so inhumane. Made an attempt to remove themselves from their motherland. It would be apparent to note: most of these persons died in the process. There's in history individuals who left their motherland, by themselves. To find a place where they could worship the God they chose. This was catastrophic. Because the motherland was not going to lose it's citizens without a fight. Yes, there was war, and many died. These survivors as they ventured off on their journey to find a place to excercise their religious ideas. Launched ships, and headed for a territory already occupied with native citizens. This land, was not unihabited. So here comes these illegal immigrants to this land. Along with them they brought, acohol, tobacco and firearms. Along with their trusted Bibles. The acohol to numb, the tobacco to addict, and the firearm to enforce, the Bible to persude. There was a method, to the madness of these strange foreigners, from the motherland. Also, they brought with them the familiar conduct performed on them back in Europe. Assimilate you heathens, assimilate you uncivilized. We come to you as good christians, to cause you to be as we are if you refuse, you will die. Does this sound familiar? Yes, God was used as the one who wanted everyone to assimilate. This happened in Africa, it happened everywhere there was a profit to be made. These strangers actually believed they were jews. God's instruction for the Jews was, their location is right directly in the center of the world. God's intention was for the Jews to take his message to the world. How is it that one who is born a gentile, is made a Jew. This is not possible. We who are gentiles were grafted in. Let's continue, these strangers brought their diseases to these natives. They brought their ideas to them, their lifestyles etc. And said assimilate. They used torture, rape, intimidation, deception and emotional and physical discomforts. Assimilate worship as we do, are be murdered. Now please here me, when you read this: God did not authorize assimilation, man did this act all by himself. When you go and take a person from their country, strip them of their identity, call them ignorant; and then tell them to assimilate, this could frustrate any sane person. Now we live in a world in which if you choose to go against a faulty deceptive system, the retaliation will happen to you. God created everyone unique. Why assimilate? Because you can better control a people, if everyone acts like robots. Being different is a Good thing, and a God thing. We as human beings, are so deceived when we want to make God like us. He's not like us in the sense of assimilation. Let's stop punishing persons for being different, and for expressing themselves. God created all men. No man is better than any other. Let's stop kidding ourselves with this insane idea. The true enemy is invisible. He loves dissension and chaos. He hates the human race.

We are spiritual beings

As spirit beings, we are aware that when we come in contact with an uncomfortable spirit; there is something wrong. Innocence know innocence. Guilty knows guilty. Innocence has a idea of guilty. And guilty feel guilty around the innocent. What am I saying? Birds of a feather, all flock together. We don't want to spend an uncertain amount of energy, with someone who makes us feel uncomfortable. We as human beings are spirits trying to live in a physical existence. Because of the system, there be thoughs of us who's spirit is contaminated. Life is not easy for any of us. No one owes anyone anything. We owe one another only love. There are thoughs on planet earth who were so severely afflicted, it went into their psyche. These distinct group of people, were only taught their unworthiness as a human being. Oh, all throughout the history of man, there has been thoughs who assumed the position of God. These people pronounced the 5/6th theory of this particular race of people. These people were treated so badly, it affected them from way back there, to the present. It's no longer a physical attack it's a psycological attack. These people hate themselves so much. It's aparent in their dealings primarily, with how they treat though who are familiar with them. When one hates themselves it will be apparent in their treatment of contempt of those who are the same. There's ethinicity throughout our world. These certain folks, have anger issues. There's bitterness, jealousy, greed because one was not priviledged to the good life. So it's easy for one to become materialistic. It's also easy to front. Anytime one is uncertain about himself, there's frustration and a desire to try to fit in with the Jones, the Smiths and the Browns. These frustrated people, blame everyone for their fate in life. We were all made as free moral agents. We may not be able to control the treatment from others, But the true test is what's our response, to this treatment. There has only been one who suffered so severely, he was unrecognizable. No one, suffered as He did. His response, Father forgive them, for they know not what they do. We as human beings need to forgive, not for the offender, but for the offended. We contaminate our spirit when we don't forgive. None of us are innocent from sin. But you can be innocent in your spirit. Others will be aware of this also. We can deceive others, for a short period of time. Because we are spirit beings.

Christianity where did it begin?

The terminology christian was first giving at Antioch. It was not given to the 1st century people, because it was a nice thing to be called. It was in a derogatory manner. They were called, this because they reminded the people of Jesus Christ. The Lord never called anyone a christian. This was man's idea. When our Lord was here on earth, the disciple noticed someone preaching, but they weren't preaching exactly like the disciples. The disciples were offended. They said, to the people, you can't preach like that. The Lord said " he that is not against us is for us, and whosoever doesn't gather scatters abroad". We today in the 21st century are so dignified and refined. Something happened in Rome, that revolutionized the term christianity. This man named Constantine, got this bright idea, to join christianity to the system. This is where we notice the church and the world coming together. Yes, he noticed the power these israelites had. He had the power in the system. So he whether genuine christian or not is not my judgment to make. But, when the world and the church joined hands; God removed himself. The power of God does not work with the system of this age. We cannot claim to be a christian and enjoy fellowship with the world system. There must be holiness. This world system is not affected by the church today. Because there's not much difference. There needs to be a difference. Everyone today calls themelves, christian. We call people christans these days, who look just right, act just right and don't do anything to break the laws of man. But no concern for the law of God. Religion is more powerful than christianity. Rules and regulations, legalism on the rise. If you do this, or if you don't do this. We must live separated lives. God is still God. And we don't have any fear of God these days. It's a very sad time we live. This denomination is better than that one. No Charity, we may have the truth, but without love it can't be heard or felt. We want the best of both worlds. We want the Lord Jesus Christ as our savior, but we want to be the Lord of our lives. Christ is why they were called christian. Why are you called a christian?

Servant of god or Servant of GOD

Mankind was created by God, to be unique from all the rest of God's creation. A man's worth is not found in his occupation. A man's worth is not attained by fame or recognition. It's preposterous to seek another man's opinion of who you are. We are more concerned, about the things of this world; than we are the things of God. Most of mankind, are the servants of god. We operate with every diabolical scheme possible. In the corporate world, we lie our way to the top. We gossip, our way to the top. We sleep, our way to the top. It's not rare, for anyone who's a geniune hard dedicated worker to be overlooked for a promotion. This god, who most of us serve is despicable. Most of us desire to be rich. But what we fail to realize, this system we operate under is organized with a strategic agenda. Since, there are more people in this world; Let's utilize the masses, for our benefit. There are thoughs, who disregard those they take advantage of. Our world in this 21st century, is under the control of a system of corporations. The corporation is operated by investers and shareholders, who want a lucrutive return on their investments. Their intentions are not toward thoughs who create their wealth, only to thoughs who maintain it. Yes the CEO's and executives, and the management in the higher archy. The higher one gets in the corporation, the uglier it gets. It's a truly cutthroat organization. Managers, operate with this same frame of mind. It's all about the bottom line. In any corporation, since there are tiers, there are thoughs who protect the interest of the business. Then there are thoughs who's concerns are the administrative side. There are many tiers in any corporation. Let me, make this point. No corporations aim or goal is to share it's profit with anyone. The employees of any corporation should not seek to become rich. Because it will always be a week to week, or a every two weeks. Whatever the payday, even the managers are on a salary. No one is profiting but the investers, the shareholders, and the owners. The corporations or even in politics. Yes it's all about politics. Yes, there are corporations who have politicians in their pocket. To be a servant of God, one can't be a servant of god. The system of this age is against God. It's operations are on a higher level. In this sytem there's not this mentality of use, are be used. God desire, for us to be rich in every aspect of this life. Riches must first, begin within us. Our souls must be saved, our heart and minds renewed. Then we will be rich. God has no part of this godless system. His desire for us is not to trust in the corporation, not to trust in this government, or not to trust in our fellowman. God made us, and no occupation can ever pay anyone what we are worth. Thank God for the unions. These groups of representatives try to keep the corporations in check. The corporations are greedy. They own television stations. They own sports, they own the media. Listen this is powerful, when you attempt to take thought of this. Then they have the high priced attorneys, to fight for them. This is why they are feared, and a force to be reckoned with. Serving God is by faith. When one serves God, there are no high priced attorneys, or any visible support. God owns it all. He made it all. What are you? A servant of god or a servant of GOD.

Changed lives as people see a differenc

We in the 21st century, have our mega churches all over the country. And the people still can't see a difference. What's the problem? People need to see God, when we work, when we play, and when and how we interact with others. God loves mankind. He does not see us as we see each other. He knows how we are made. The life God wants us to live is one that's 24/7. Everything we do God wants to be a part of. God is light, in Him there's no darkness at all. Men love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil. We as human beings want respect from our fellow man, while we conduct ourselves inappropriately. This is not even possible. We are treated, as we respond or react toward others. More importantly we must respect ourselves. Most people, have a good reputation on the level of the laws of man. No character of personality at all. We need to be different, because it's only through this difference, others will be helped. No one wants to be considered odd. But, the odd ones are the ones who makes the difference. Jesus was odd. Yes, our Lord was peculiar. We who claim to know him, are fearful of being odd or different. Men and women are dying and going to hell at an alarming rate. What are we doing, to lift up the Lord so the Holy Spirit can convict the hearts of men. God wants to save souls. We need to allow Him to work in and through us. Because we can only see changed lives, as people see a difference.

What spirits are you affected by?

There are various spirits in this world. Their goal, is to utterly destroy our entire generation. There are spirits who's job it is to attach themselves to your finances. There are spirits who's goal it is, to destroy our relationships. There are spirits, who are familiar in families. There are spirits of witchcraft, this terminology comes from the word pharmaceutical. This is a psycological thing. Anything that alters ones psyche, is witchcraft. This mind altering, causes one to hide and retreat from reality. There are spirits, who affect throughs nicotin. There are spirits, who affect one's psyche with acohol. There are spirits, who affect man's mind, with addiction to crack cocaine or marijuana. Let's not forget caffeine. All of these drugs affect the mind and body in an unnatural way. Smokers believe it's their right to smoke. This is an attitude of defiance to their body. There's a high cost to pay, for allowing these mind altering drugs to occupy the body. These spirits which operate,are against God. Their goal, is to destroy generation upon generation. Familiar spirits, in a acoholic family will affect every member of that family. There are spirits of lust. Who attach themselves to fathers and mothers, who have offspring affected by their choices. Maybe their daughter may be deceived, by the spirit of lesbianism or the son deceived by the spirit of homosexuality. The reason these persons say they were born this way, is because they believe they were. This lustful spirit can take any avenue it chooses once it's loose in a family. The most perverse spirits imaginable. The spirit of incest is so on the rise it's ridiculous. This idea of having intercourse with children is a perverse spirit of lust. This sinister idea of rape is from the very pit of hell. No, it's not about sex; but it's about control. A person male or female, without temperance in the arena of sex can use their body as a dangerous weapon. Pornography has a degenerate deceptive appealing spirit. Why is pornography so powerful in this world? Because the devil has taken a God given desire and literally twisted and perverted it to our deprived nature. Yes, we were deprived after Adam sinned. So there's a twisted bent to us. It's so easy to sin against God because this is our nature apart from God. What spirit are you affected by?

You don't have to be so eager to fit in

Mankind loves attention, everyone wants to be known and appreciated. We will do almost anything for the praise and applause of our fellow human beings. We put up fronts, so others won't see us, as we really are. We'll do impossible things for approval. We for some strange reason must fit in. We don't want to be different. Being different means, being odd or weird. For this reason, we just want to be as everyone else. If the trend is this; than we are with it. If the fad is this, then we are with it. Listen, no two people are exactly alike. The whole objective of this world system is for everyone to be the same. This way, no one is unpredictable. We know what this person will do under any circumstance. It has never been God's intention. He made each of us, to be bigger and better than this. It's just so easy to coast with everyone else. To be different is to not fit in. God made us unique. He has the best plan for your life and my life. We don't have to fit in. And if we don't try to fit in, God can cause us to fit in, any way and any where. So you don't have to be eager to fit in.

Why are people so angry?

There are many reasons why our society is filled with so many angry people. Anger is an emotion. There's nothing wrong with anger, if it's applied appropriately. Anger is misappropriated when one is violated sexually, mistreated physically, spoken against psycologically and rejected socially, and dead spiritually. This is enough, to affect anyone in a negative way. The statistics say; one out of every three girls will be sexually assaulted. It also say's one out of every five boys will be sexually assaulted. It said in a matter of seconds a women is raped. In a matter of seconds a women is killed in domestic abuse. When one is born in a dysfunctional family, they are angry. When the father or mother is an alcoholic, abusive in words, unattached emotionally and spiritually dead, this can cause one to be angry. When the mother is physically abused and the daughter notices her reaction, and her reaction is one of passivity; she takes notes. She conducts herself the same, in her relationships with her husband. Man in our society believe he's suppose to control everything. He commits all kinds of atrocites against his family. Incest and rape of his own children. It's about control and anger issues, these fathers have against themselves and against others. We have teenagers who are so angry, they stab, and hurt others without any remorse. We who have been victims of any type of abuse, want to shield our children from any form of abuse. What we produce is a society of weak passive people. We create persons who don't have any work ethics, don't have any endurance or character. All they have is the mentality of when I want it, I can and will attain it at any means possible. The reason we're so angry is because we don't want to forgive anyone. We believe it's our right to be angry, because of our childhood experiences. Rebellion comes from mismanaged anger. A teenager is rebellious because they believe they have all the answers to life. It's strange to me that one who has become an adolescent, believes they have the answer to life. We are angry at the race we were born in. We are racist out of anger. We are prejudice out of anger. We are fearful and arrogant, filled with pride and immorality because of anger. The Bible say's anger rest in the bosom of fools. Anger is the first phase of destruction. The second phase is bitterness. Bitterness is anger turned inward. Mean spirited people are everywhere. This meanness is contagious. It's a negative conduct, negative speech and negative disposition. We are spirit beings. Most of us hide behind our physical bodies. We can hide our thoughts and our motives from one another. But God sees all. It's our spirits that have been contaminated by our childhood experiences and the treatments we endured. We are attracted to those, who's life circumstances are familiar to their's. We feel comfortable around those with the same familiarities as us. It doesn't matter whether they are good or bad. If we are comfortable with them, we will spend a considerable amount of time with these individuals. As the saying goes;"birds of a feather all flock together". That's because people have been violated and displeasured, rejected and deceived, this is why people are so angry.

Why are we to be responsible?

Responsibility, is a must if one is to acquire anything. It's so easy, as so many people say "if I were rich, I would give to the church. I would do this or that. What one fails to realize, is material gain is not the bottom line. Life is hard. And a person has to be hard. We want to blame others for our errors. We don't understand, when one has much gain, one has to realize that character is what will keep you rich materially. God, wants us to realize first of all; it's all about Him. He must be first, in the life of any individual. There are rich people, who are miserable. Why, it has nothing to do with material goods. It has to do with the heart of an individual. God put us here to help one another. If one desires to be rich, remember the snares and traps and hangups that are attached to riches. Hard work, is the only promising and gratifying way to acquire wealth. The lotto, has made many a person materially rich. These individual who win these lottos become worse off, than they were before their lotto winnings. People just want to be rich, materially just to prove a point to their family members and friends. We desire more stuff. Along with more stuff, comes more responsibility. So if a person isn't responsible, they could literally hurt themselves and others. People despise their bosses on the job, for many reason. Why, their boss was willing to step up, and first; of all prepared themselves for the position they acquired. Are you willing to work hard and dedicate your time to become a supervisor or manager? Most people are not prepared, and don't even attempt to prepare themselves. Being rich, is more than just a material issue. We are a tripartite being. We need to be rich in our minds, rich in our bodies,and rich in our souls and in our spirits. God wants us to be balanced. If we are children of God, He has nothing but the best for us. If we don't have a personal relationship with God, we'll try anything the system say's to fill up the empty gap in our life. Because no one owes anyone anything, this is why we need to be responsible.

What is a testimony?

A testimony is an event which take place in the life of an individual. It is the facts according to any person affected. Most times, a persons testimony is about how God has delivered them from a miserable lifestyle. It's obvious that the majority of these testimonies are the same. We are intrigued by the depravity of the lifestyle of these individuals. We lend our best attention to these type of testimonies. We believe, we can live anyway we want and then we can come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. We have heard testimony after testimony, of how God delivered someone from drugs, acohol and from a life of promiscuity. From a life of intense violence. Yes God can, and have delivered lost souls from the abyss of sin. He can also save those of us who believe we weren't that bad. The Bible say's for all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God. No one, is to good to be saved or to bad to be saved. But we must, not focus on the lifestyle of our past. Be it good or bad. We are here to glorify God. We don't need to patronize God. I mean we can't impress or encourage God. He knows what's in us. And believe you me, it's not good. It appears that many attempt to reject God's salvation until they reach rock bottom. We live our lives to ourselves,doing our best to be as bad as we would, because we hate what is good. Sometimes the consequences we have to face, are permanent. We love to seek God for healing. We know that God can heal. We can't tempt God. We can't expect God, to deliver us from the consequences of our life before we became a child of God. This is the law in the earth, sowing and reaping. God loves us all so much. No one is better are worse than another. If you're not content with this answer let me ask you; What is a testimony?

This world system is going to get worse christian

The Bible say's this world will wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceive. The Bible say's for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, But will heap to themselves teachers having itching ears. Everyone wanting to follow or hear the messages that suit them. Personalities that perceive to have the knowledge of God. Our world is bad now, and it's going to get worse. Why, you ask? People are trying to live this life in a different manner from the Word of God. This world is bad because, christians are and were asleep. Christians today, want to complain about the present condition of our world. Where were we when prayer and the Bible were taken out of schools? What were we doing when Roe v. Wade was signed into law? Now, we have the ten commandments taken off the public buildings. All sorts of deviant behaviors taken place, all over our world. We who claim christianity, are whining and complaining about the Higher courts, claiming to be the final authority. Why, are we enraged now? Our Lord Jesus Christ said this world will continue to get worse. The Bible say's broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many there be who will enter therein. Because narrow is the way that leads to life and few there will be who will find it. Most of mankind will go to a devils hell. Why, would you say something like that? Because, we must show God in our everyday life. This is not easy, life is just hard. Mankind knows life is hard. They seek thoughs who struggle as they do, with a different attitude. Having a different outlook and different approach. Our fellow human beings will only read the Bible in a person who claims to be a christian. We are living epistle, read of all men. Let's live honestly and justly, because all eyes are on you. And don't be discourage, because God still owns this world. And it will continue to go from bad to worse. But let's not lose hope, God is well aware of what's going on.

Why are we so fearless and arrogant?

In our world today, we hear people say; "Jesus Christ" and it's not in reverence. We hear and see arrogance on every hand. People don't seem to have any fear of God. Humankind seems to be so bold in their lifestyles, doing anything they feel big enough to do. Yes, we have done so many ungodly activities it's ridiculous. We say what's right for one person may not be right for another. Every persons religion is their own business. As long as a person doesn't hurt anyone, abide by the golden rule, God will weigh the good to the bad. As long as the judicial system, the police or the courts or not harassing you; then you are just fine. As long as you appear to be a good neighbor, this is enough. A person need not be fanatical about their beliefs. It's between the individual and God. God knows, we are not perfect so he can't expect us to do everything right. We are confident in the fact that we are so strong and independent from God. We need him, when things fall apart. But when all is well, we don't need his interruptions of our lives. We appear so confident apart from God. Until the bottom falls out. Arrogance is the attitude of a Haughty, lofty dispostion. We are filled with pride, when all is going our way. Humbled, when it goes against our wishes. What's wrong with us? God loves us so much. We treat the one who wakes us up, the one who gives us health and wealth. He's the only one who is capable of helping us to enjoy this life. It's all about Christ. Since God doesn't seem to deal with the arrogant and proud, and the lives of his children are disarrayed, this is why people are fearless and arrogant.

Sin and the devil are very seriously destructive.

The Bible speaks of Moses, refusing to enjoy the pleasure of sin for a season. Let's keep it real, there's pleasure in sin. This destroying aspect of sin, is it's after affect. It feels good. Lust, fornication and drug abuse, all just an outward sign of the inward effect. The reason sin seems so good, is because our nature is born from sin; life reveals what's in us. What happens in life, is sin begins to show in our outward body. Our minds are wrecked, and racked by sin. Our spirits are dead, and our souls are lost. The devil only perpetrate the pain in the life of the lost. He uses the seeds of unforgiveness, anger and bitterness, as the ladder down into the abyss of hell on earth. Everyday people are tormented by their choices. You can't blame anyone but yourself. Many people, hit rock bottom. When most hit rock bottom, only some will make the decision to look up. These persons are offered the opportunity to enjoy a better life than the one they previously lived. It's no surprize, when the devil leaves you holding the bag, mocking and laughing at you. He's a diabolical schemer. Sin will cost you more than you can pay. It will keep you longer, than you want to stay. Sin darkens, sin deadens, and eventually it destroys you. Chaos is from the devil. God is not the author of confusion. Most of us have come from dsyfunctional families. We believe, this to be the only type of life. So we live this way. Our children live this way. So forth and so on. Smoking will cause discomfort to the body. It affects the mind. Drugs all included will affect the body, mind and spirit. The soul remains neutral, as long as it's not contaminated by sin. This is why the soul needs to be saved. A person doesn't have to live life on the edge, or to the extent of hitting rock bottom. You don't have to wreck your life, to prove whether God can change it. Neither is there anyone to good, who doesn't need of a saviour. Satan is a liar. He hate God. He hate us, because God loves us. He wants to destroy us with guilt, self hatred, emotional disturbances, sexual promiscuity and mental debilitating illnesses. This is why, sin and the devil are very serious.

Rebellion is as witchcraft

Rebellion is any resistance against anything or anyone, who doesn't agree with us. Or against any authority over us. This brings to mind, the fact that God is the final authority. We resist and refuse to acknowledge the idea of anyone telling us what to do. The system say's if it's not for my interest, I don't want it to interrupt my life. These United States were built on rebellion. This country believes it is the police of the world. Believing when ever it will benefit this country, to get into the business of other countries for a recompense. Anytime this country involves it's self in another countries affairs it's with an ulterior motive. Woe to any country, who refuse to allow these United States to control them. This country will refuse any aid to any third world country, who have a commodity which will interest us. And these profitable countries refuse to prostitute themselves. These United States appears nowhere in the Bible. Why, because the United States will become apart of the one world system. This country has never been democratic with the appropriate concept. It has only been democratic for self interest. Rebellion is the main thread of the fiber in this world. People today, constantly throw their fist in God's face, "saying, we can live in sin" we can shack up, Living with someone we aren't married to. Any lifestyle that refuse to acknowledge God is rebellion. This world system is in direct defiance to God. It may seem strong the statements made against this country, it's only because this country claims to be christian in words only. Conduct and attitude are lacking any sincerity. There's no fear before their eyes. Mankind is more occupy with revenge and rebelling against, than it is with the obedience and worship of God. The mean spirited and negative spirits in our world, linked with pride and arrogance produces a very dangerous and offensive being. Witchcraft is more of a psychological nature than it is with any other idea. Any substance one allows in their body, usually alters the mind. This is why rebellion is as witchcraft.

Insecurity why do people have it?

We'll begin our discussion on this first main fact. Most of us are insecure because of our image of ourselves. It's not easily understood how a person could seemingly have it all together in the physical and are a wreck on the inside. All insecurities begin on the inside of an individual. And usually it begins when we are growing up. How were you treated as a child? It all connects to you. Just because you are mature physically, the possibilities of being mentally and emotionally immature. Out of insecurity, arises selfishness, anger, jealousy, envy, hatred, abnormal use of persons; a needed attitude, a controling spirit and ultimately domestic violence. Yes, insecurities produces all of these characteristics. Most people even use living with someone rather than marrying them. This is all done out of fear. Many people date and marry the first person who show them attention. People marry because they fear being alone. People marry with so many wrong concepts. Mankind, abnormally use their children, their mates their coworkers, etc. All due to fear, which resides in their souls. Only God can make one secure. No individual human being was ever created to fulfill another in anything. We cannot put this pressure on any of our relationships. It only strains them. We even marry, with the intent on changing another person. Because we fear being changed. Fear appears, even as a manipulative opportunity toward a person or situation. We fear the loss of a job, so we perform acts, we would not otherwise engage ourselves. We have fears of others knowing, who we really are, so we put up such a front. Insecurities covers a whole range of attitudes, so many people possess. It's simply fear and doubt in ourselves. We then, use projection to take attention off of ourselves. The domestic abuser, male or female say's if only they would act right, I would not have to physically and verbally assault them. It's their fault. We blame others for our insecurities. We dogmatically, deny we have fears and doubts. Our insecurities are obvious in how we treat our fellowman. We engage in the regular family events during the holidays, with fears of coming in contact with a familiar relative, who abused us as a child. We approach this with discretion, and apprehension. Only God can help us out, of any fearful and painful situation we may confront. He'll begin with us forgiving the perpetrator. Then facing our own concept of ourselves. If a person hates themselves, it shows in how they interact with others. Insecurities, you don't have to let it control or ruin your life. Take charge and allow God to show you a life without fear of anything. He can do it.

Are there skeletons in your closet?

Life is strange in that, most people only show a side of themselves others appreciate. This not reality. There is something about all of us that we hate, and we know others will hate. So we hide our true selves from everyone. Most of the time others don't know who we really are until it's to late. The damage has been done. People marry people they don't like, let alone love. People live all sorts of degenerate lifestyles. Most of our lives we front,appearing to others as though we have it altogether. Shame on us,we work our jobs, whatever they may be, only on a premise. We go about our everyday lives as robots. No feelings, of true concern for our fellowman. We manipulate, and tend to have to control everything, when our lives are out of control. We preach in our churches, if you are rich and wealthy the lost will believe your a christian. Listen you say, what about skeletons in the closet? There are various skeletons most people have in their closets. These could be passed experiences that were perpetrated against us. These experiences are hard to face, we turn to other avenues to hide and soothe the pain. We use any number of methods. There are the rejection skeletons, these are the ones, which causes us to be high achievers. We are determined to be the biggest and the best. Then there are the abused skeletons, these are the ones who build walls around us, so no one can get in. They did this to me, no one else will ever do that again. Then there are the shamed skeletons, these know they are unworthy but will tend to hide in the crowd. They perform acts acceptable to the norm of the society. Yes, the wine, the promiscuity and the debauchery. They hide their skeletons with their outward appearance. These people are physically attractive, but totally deranged in their pyche. Sinners yes, we all are. Why, are we so eager to please our fellowman with our facades? It's because most of us are so ill prepared to face ourselves. We literally hate ourselves, so we will attempt anything to appear as normal as our society determines normality. A disturbing thought isn't it? It doesn't matter where you work, who you are, or what your occupation. Most of us have skeletons in our closets. Are there skeletons in your closet? Please my friend, if so, bury them; before they bury you.

Are you selfish?

All of us are selfish to a certain extent. Most of us are seriously selfish. What's up with the selfishness that's in our world. When tragedies happen at the hands of our fellowman; or as a result of nature,we seem to respond so religiously. Yes, everyone appear religious. The giving is extraordinarily good. And everyone is emotionally touched. This is the side of us God intended for his creation to show on a regular basis. Not only during a crisis. Our selfishness is apparent in everything we do. You heard the saying"self preservation is the first law of nature". This is a saying from the very pit of hell. Our world system say's what about me. God's system is what about your fellowman. Yes, I am to be concerned about my fellow man. Because God made us with a link to one another. My Happiness is in your happiness. Selfishness say's I can do what I want, when I want, to whom I will. God's love calls for sacrifice. Our love is selfish. What can I get out of this. Selfishness has destroyed marriages. Selfishness causes all sorts of debaucheries. Depression is due to selfishness. Most of the mental illnesses are due to selfishness. Self pity is due to selfishness. Listen anytime we focus so much attention on ourselves, this causes our physiology,our biology and our psycology to be seriously affected. Pride is due to selfishness. I will, I will ,I will this is lucifer's words. He was selfish. We need to be generous all the time, loving all the time and have an attitude of heart of selfishless. What's your motive, why do you do what you do? God knows all hearts. Are you selfless or are you selfish?

Why so much misery and loneliness? during the holidays

As the years go by and times change, there one thing and one set of attitudes that remain the same. This is our attitude concerning the holidays. Most people are unhappy during these days because all year they've focused on themselves. Then,as they arrive closer to the holiday, they look back and are disappointed because everything in their life seems to remain the same. The seeking of something, when they don't know what they are looking for. Most of us are selfish, hateful, mean, bitter and angry all year. Then when the holidays approach us, we feel depressed, we begin to have thoughts of suicide, just end all this misery and pain. We attempt to use drugs to numb the pain, we experience. We get ourselves involved with relationships, in which we know our partner is destructive to the relationship. We connect with people, just to have someone in our life over the holidays. We need to have someone in our life, to bring in the new year. Life during the holidays are tough when your single. But God is still God. He has a season for each of his children. You don't have to be miserable, depressed, suicidal are drunk or on some kind of mind altering drug; to numb the pain. You don't have to be miserable, lonely or depressed during the holidays.

What's happening in this world?

First of all, this world system is controlled by Satan, also known as the god of this system. His tactics haven't changed. The temptations he used on the Lord Jesus Christ, he uses everyday on us. Most of us fail. He uses the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. Which is simply this; I can do and eat and go anywhere I choose. Then there's the lust of the eyes; Everything my eyes see that I like I want. Then there's the pride of life; I'm a force to be reckoned with. You can't say that about me, I'm somebody. Today, we who claim to be christians, Look so much like the world it's ridiculous. All we want is everything we want. We want to be respected, without having character. We want all of the material trinkets and toys. So we can appear to others as though God has blessed us. Listen friend, just because a person appears to have it altogether, doesn't neccessarily mean they are altogether. Terms such as "the word work, when you work the word". What is this nonsense? God is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. He's not a big pimp, seeking to hand out material things and health and happiness. God only concern is for our peace of mind, our joy and our holiness. These can't be touch by man or by this evil system. We tend to show off after we acquire material things. This is not a sign of spirituality, when one has a nice home and nice clothes and nice cars. The scripture say's seek you first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these "things" shall be added unto you. Let's stop seeking the things and start seeking the God who wants to give us the things. Let us stop trying to impress other by our good reputation, and start living with some character. This is what's happening in our world.

Our Whole world is sick because of the system

We have statistics on just about everything pertaining to man. These status quo's proves just how sick our world is. The status say's there are 1 in every 6 child, starving in the United States. The statistics say, there's 1 in 4 girls who are sexually abused. The status quo say's 1 in 5 boys will be sexually abused in these United States. There's something very wrong, with a country where it's the richest and number one in every aspect. Good as well as bad, the United States stands above head and shoulders of the rest of the world. Most of these actions against our citizens are due to our unconcern for the citizens of this country. Also this abortion issue has created a deficit of 40 million citizens in the United States. The incarceration in these United States need some attention as well; when there's a race of persons targeted for incarceration, this is just downright inhumane. When the population of locked up, for this race of people exceeds more than half their population, something just isn't right. The poor in these United States is profitable for the government as well as for the filthy rich. Yes someone profits from the incarceration of more of it's citizens than any other country on the planet. It's profitable, the misery of others. This is why our country is sick. When a country doesn't want to clean of it's own house, but wants to police the rest of the world, this just isn't right. The domestic abuse in this country is insane. I don't know the staticstics of women murdered at the hands of their lovers. Husbands murdering their wives, wives setting out contracts on their husbands etc. This living together issue is acceptable, only because our societies are afraid to deal with the real issues. Selfish, selfish, selfish. We are a materialistic self gratifying at any cost, we will do what we want when we want and how we want. This is why there's so much misery in the world. It's a world where it's every man for himself. Or a dog eat dog world. Maybe it's even a use or be used world we live in. All I know is this it's a sick, sick world.

So many Mega Churches so little change

The statistics say, 96% of the preachers in our world; only preach to 6% of the population. The greater percentage of this preaching is right here in the United States. There's something very wrong, when these United States only have as it's population; about 260,millon persons. This country is not even 7% of the population of the world. Yes the world seems to revolve around the U.S.A. This country has the most material goods than most other countries. Why would'nt anyone want to preach here? There's money to be made. It seem as if the pentacostal movement has overtaken the world. With their tongues and their pronouncing their terminologies. They use the Bible as though it were their private treasure chest. Their use of the Word of God, is appalling. They constantly speak of the anointing, which is simply put; the Holy Spirit in control of a person. Another way of putting it is; being filled with the Spirit. Listen, with all of these churches and all of these "great preachers", why has so little changed. Most of the members in these Mega churches, are only there to find out how this man; who is and was no better than them recieved so much material gain and money. They have no regard for God or this man. They only want to know how they can be blessed. No concern about spirituality, only the form of godliness. No concern about their fellow man. Only how can I cause God to make my life comfortable. No desire for real change. Only going through the motion, because they follow the methods in order to recieve the benefits. So little change, and in a case no change. When there's no difference nothing needs to be changed. It's easy to follow the crowd. Yes religious people can follow the religious crowd. "If we pretend to be spiritual no one will ever know." Some may say to themselves, everyone can dress up their outward appearrance. Seeming sort of angel like. These folks seem as if they never sinned in their life. But only in the physical, is this apparent. If you follow them through the week, you could see the devil on first hand. Difference requires change. It's only when our fellow human beings begin to see God and not us, when they would even desire to change their lives. Mega churches, great orators or even a great musician can't save a soul. It's a life that's different; one that shows forth God. Not a personality, not a great method or a great crowd of people. If we could only get back to the Word of God, where the Lord said,"and I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me". Otherwise there will continue to be so many Mega churches and so little change.

The History of Mankind

As we all know there is a history to everything but the creator, God. He is, and was and always will be. He created everything, by his spoken word. He spoke into this once chaotic darkness, which was without form and void. According to the history the earth was 100% water. And said,"Let there be light". And so it was done. He created the earth in five days, mankind He made on the sixth day. Everything He made was outside of Himself. With an exceptional group of angels, He did something different. My making reference to Lucifer before his prideful day. God created mankind for fellowship. He couldn't fellowship with anything outside of Himself. He wanted to fellowship with someone from himself. Was He lonely? No. Was He selfish? No. He's God, I'm not going to try and explain Him. I can't explain God. With my small finite mind, I will only assume. God made mankind from Himself. Yes, God made us out of Himself. This is why we are so valuable. It doesn't matter what those of our fellowman may think of us. God made each and every human being, and all of us are important. What has happened is this; This guy known as the devil is evil and hates the God of Heaven. His way to take his vengeance, is to attack those who are so precious to God. By racism, by gossip, by hate, by dissension, by manipulation, by betrayal, by dissertion, by greed and by lust. Yes, the Bible say's in Jeremiah 17:9 "The heart of man is evil and desperately wicked, who can know it"? We are by no means innocent. Sin has condemned us all to hell. But God in His love for us has made a way for us. We in our history on planet earth have done some of the most dispicable deeds of all His creation. He made man to have dominion of the earth. By us being so evil, we took that to mean men should rule over each other. Yes, slavery is evil, was evil and will always be evil. No law of man could justify it now, nor was it justified then. It's something that simply can't be justified. All of the ideas of certain men and country usurping authority,because of their countries tecnology. Is downright wrong. The history of man is one of barbarism on a very high scale. And to think, most of the attrocities committed, were supposedly done in the name of God. Yes, everything we do as humankind, we for some strange perverted reason want to involve God. We want to believe because of the country we were born, that everyone in the rest of the world are uncivilized. We have our weapons, guns, cannons yes all of our artillery. So we can intimidate and control with force. Or we can assume the posture of a humble missionnary, with all of our Bibles. Listen, as you read this: my remarks are not against missionary. But let us keep it real, some of these people were in it for the benefits. Different countries possesed large amounts of gold, diamonds and any kind of jewel you could possibly imagine. Other country possesed other profitable merchandise. As certain as it is, there be those of our humanity who seem to be solely ambassadors of the devil. They come in the form of an angel of light, take everything you have; and then tend to control and manipulate you and prostitue you for even more money. Yes we have done some terrible deeds to one another of our fellowman. Countries terrorizing their own people, chasing them from their homes and country. These United States, became this way because of the decit and manipulations of others. This country contained it's own inhabitants. It was by no means an empty island. No one will be excused from their dealing in this world, because God keeps excellent records. We all should be ashamed of our behaviors as it concerns the things of God. No human will be blameless who uses any of God's things for profit to themselves. Buyer beware, we all play a part in the history of mankind.

Why do males hate females so much?

This is something that's been going on since the woman was taken from the rib of man. God's intention was for this to be an example of how He loved us as his creation. Since the fall of man, mankind has been out to utterly destroy his other half. The female has never been treated as she's suppose to be treated. This is why there is so much chaos in our world. We men treat our females as though they were our own personal sperm banks. We treat them as our possessions. We treat them as though they were less important than us. This is why, their feelings toward us are just nauseating. They detest us. They should, despise us. We seem to despise them. We treat them badly when they are just children. We males, uncles, brothers, grandfathers, fathers etc: Take advantage of them while they sleep, we rape them, we torture them literally. We cause them to hate us as we hate them. They become adults, hating every guy who seems to be interested in them. Or they become acoholics. They began to use drugs. They don't respect themselves, because no one else does. They become what we caused them to become, that's serious bitches. Who's only goal is to destroy as many males as they possibly can. Listen this is some serious stuff. It seems a trend now since the last few years to murder your wife. What in the hell is wrong with us. It seems we have completely gone barbaric. We men exploit our children. Not just the females but the males as well. It seems as though, if it's anyone who is more defenseless than us, we feel we have a right to abuse them. How ridiculous! We live in a world where marriage is a bad thing. This is why so many refuse to marry and just,"play house". We are in a bad way in this world. The mistreatment of our females does not only occur in the United States, this is a fad in other countries as well. God keeps good records. Nothing goes unnoticed by Him. As we men fail to treat our females appropriately, it will come back and bite us in our butts. With aids on the rise, many men will catch it from disgruntled females. They will make it their remainder life's mission to contaminate as many males as possible. And vise a versa. What a scary thought. Who has aids? Who knows? We must be very careful these days. Vengeful females, retalitory males. What a serious calamity. God help us all. The reason males hate female so much, is because we males hate ourseleves. We disobeyed God, and blame the woman. We were the blame, we were suppose to protect the woman not despise, her or abuse, her or possess her. This domestic violence, is the act of the day. If your not doing it somethings wrong with you. It starts off at home when most of us are children. As we mature into adults this feels so familiar, we believe it's normal behavior. How sad. We involve ourseleves in relationships with those who we have this disfunction in common with. Yes, we are attracted to that which seems more familiar to us, be it good or bad. So we spend our lives as a tale that's told. The physical abuse, the emotional abuse and even the sexual abuse of or partners. Yes, male and females alike contribute to this dilemma. It's all about control, all of it. Because we males don't have control of our own pitiful lives, we take it out on our wives and our children. Most men, hate themselves, this is why we hate our females. Please God, help us pitiful creatures.

What is Suicide?

We know suicide as someone taking their own life. This is the meaning of suicide. But, think about this can a person really take their own life? Who gives life? Only He can take life. There are so many people who attempted to take their own life, only to fail in the process. Why, do some fail and some succeed? God, grants some their request to end their life. Therefore the power to take one's own life is not completely accurate. God gives life and He can also grant the request of some to end their own life. It's not my place to make a judgement whether are not the person who choose this coward's way out; will spend their eternity. Today we here of so many people, murdering others. Then they turn their weapon on themselves. This they believe is their way out of not being punished for their deeds. This one thing I can say; with confidence. No man who has ever lived on planet earth ever escaped the consequences for their sins. It's true, the law of the land couldn't touch them. And they didn't have to go to jail. So their thinking may be this I'm free from this life. This is completely true. But, they have to face God in eternity. No one really gets away with anything. So why do some believe suicide is an easy way out? Because those of us who are weak in mind and body and soul; can't adequate live this life.

What's up with the African Americans? in the U.S.A

Since the first Africans came to the new world on the slave ships, there's been nothing but mayhem and chaos in this new world. These persons were sold out by there own tribes back on their motherland. Yes, they sold their own for whatever the price was. Most of them died on the ships. Since, these ships were overcrowded. And those healthy ones became sick, from the unhealthy ones. Yes, very, very tragic. But this was just the beginning of the tragedy. Upon the arrival to the new world, these africans were stripped of their identities, their tongues and their religious forms of worship. These slave owners, were the masters of their every move. Of course these slave had the opportunity to mate with african women to produce more slaves for the work ahead. My point is this; it all started out physical. Yes, physical degradation, physical humilation and physical abuse. All in which created in the pyche of these africans, They are less than human. Worthless, people no good for anything but work and procreation. How sad, now here we are in the 21st century; what's up with the african americans in the united states? We are now in a time when physical slavery is totally outlawed. But remember this the damage has already been done. The african americans have aquired the best of the land. Yes, we moved from the fills where we picked the cotton to the fine plains of the inner cites. We occupy most of the inner cities in the United States. There's only one problem though, we don,t have a clue as to who we are. We hate ourselves. We destroy and despise thoughs who look like us. Believing, they are no better off than we are. These blacks then turn to pushing drugs into their own communities to make a quick buck. They are backed by someone with alot more power than they have. But because of the bling bling, the smaller less fortunate ones are seduced into this life of pushing drugs in the community. There are other things going on in these communities. We can blame the government, the white man, the system and everyone else. The responsibility still ultimately falls quarely in the lap of the individual. The problem may have been created in the past. Today, it's more a psycological and spiritual problem. The minds of the african americans are confused and is in denial of their own plight. With crack, aids, illegitimate birth and fatherless children all of which is destroying the inner cities. The black on black crime, is nothing more than hatred of ones self. The premaritial sex, with many partners is unbelievable. Yes this is an area where the african american males believe they have some control. Then they run off and leave these children for the workers to raise. How irresponsible! All of this is my own ideas concerning this issue. I must keep it real. One more thing, the exploitation of our beautiful young females, shaking their butts on the rap videos. I understand everyone wants to make a buck. But why sale your body to the highest bidder? The blame lies on the african americans in the United States now. Wake up, stop hating yourself and your fellowmen of your same face.

Why religion is so persuasive?

Ever since the beginning of mankind on planet earth, we've been lead to believe; we control our own fate. With this concept of thinking, we've been made to believe in ourselves. We are taught,we are good if we don't conduct ourselves unseemingly. If we follow the rules of society, never go to prison, never break the golden rule. We are good people and don't need anyone to try and judge us. All church goers are sinners. The fact that most of these people, may have been baptised and in attendance to mass or religious activities. Churches mostly all of them have their certain rules their members must follow. Religion, is only a surface physical material idea. It has nothing to do with God whatsoever. It's all about the individual. When a person comes into a relationship with God, religion has no place at all. So many people, seemingly good people on the surface, appear to have it all together. They may have a family, a home, a good job. But what they don't have is a real relationship with God. Even people who claim to have a relationship with God, who have racism, and prejudice against other people; simply because they don't believe what we say we believe. This is carnal behavior. Therein is also another point. Legalism is the act of controlling ones behavior by manipulation and intimidation. There are actual ministers who want to know all of your business. To gain an upper hand on your life. With this private information, these preachers can control their congregations. There has been events, that have taken place with people who were church goers. Yes, some of the worst people; are the one's hiding behind the guise of religion and God. Listen, God does not condone any manipulation of a person behavior. He operates strictly by the act of human will. Most of us on earth appear as law abiding citizens. We forget one aspect though, the Bible say's "the heart of man is evil and desperately wicked, who can know it"? No man is good apart from God. We hide behind so many mask, and with so many impressions. We are more concerned with what others think about us. Religion causes us to seem spiritual, without the actual spiritual heart transplant needed. This is why religion is so persuasive.

Where do people fit in your life?

As I spend so much time by myself, I do a lot of thinking. God gives me insight on certain things. Yes, He gives me ideas and instructions. Now it pertains to why do we have certain people in our lives. What role do they play? I'm by no means an expert. God though does not do anything for the sake of doing it. Mankind is here for a purpose. We connect with thoughs where we work, live and where we go for our entertainment. These we consider our aquaintances. And this is okay. We have our closer relationships. Our parents and brothers and sisters. Then we have everyone else, just where do they fit in our life? Most of us miss the opportunity, we have to interact with our fellow human beings. Just the fact, that we won't meet every single human being on planet earth; leads me to believe, no contact with any human being is an accident. We miss it because we are so self aborsorbed. If the person cannot benefit us, they aren't worth anything to us. This is a sad way of thinking. We learn from people. We are suppose to help them. We recieve help as we help others. Yes, the Bible is correct. "do unto others as you would have others to do unto you". Our depression, the mental illnesses all or most of the psycosis we experience, is due to selfishness. Boredom is our focus for things to happen for us. We were created as social beings. Our societies are becoming more and more disconnected with our fellow human beings. The internet, is a great tool. It allows one to find any information on planet earth. It's also used to the destruction of some. People matter, every one of them. And every contact you have, matters. Remember, if you allow your self to focus on someone else; you will come to realize, where people fit in your life.

The law of man versus The Law of God

Which is more important, the law of man or the law of God? Most would say the law of God. Why then are we so afraid of the laws imposed by man. Listen, laws. Originate from God. Man has used these laws to manipulate, intimidate and to control his fellow humans. Yes, the very law makers, are actually the same ones who break these laws they attempt to impose on everyone else. The law of man, versus the law of God; isn't even correct. Seeing there's only one law. Most of us would consider ourselves law abiding citizens. We do our duties, we pay our fines and we just are so nice and lovely. This of course is only a facade. You see, the Bible say's for all have sinned; and come short of the glory of God. We are so afraid of the face of man, that we would be willing to deny God total access to our lives. We were all put on planet earth with very strategic planning and were made with free will and the ability to make choices. It's sad though, we are more concerned with our own preservation; without any regard for any one who can't benefit us. Yes we, appear pompus and pious on the surface of our lives, while being incarcerated in the prison of our minds. No you don't have to be inprisoned in the system, to be inprisoned. There's various types of prisons. These prisons are far more worse than being incarcerated by the system of this world. We will in our attempts, name a few. There's this prison of racism, the prison of prejudice, the prison of arrogance, the prison of pride, the prison of selfishness. Listen, these prisons are more effective, than any man made prison. And it's a proven fact; incarcerating a person in a man made prison is ineffective. Sure, you remove an individual from society. Yes, this is punishment. Then what, the person is marked, labeled with a felony. Which means, they have to accept the crumbs from the rich man's table in order to survive. Because the law of man say's," if you're a felon, you are a very worthless human being. You can't work where the good folk work. You don't deserve to work with the law abiding citizens. You're a second class citizen. We human beings front ourseleves far to much. Is it any wonder, why our world is only getting worse? Yes we have more mega churches than ever. But why isn't any thing changing? People are more concerned with comfort and ease, than they are with the hurting and the dying. Speaking of and for, the little nearly 44 million little ones, who didn't even have an opportunity to step foot on the planet. Due to the selfishness, and inconsideration of God's idea of giving birth. We have lost a whole generation of persons since this roe.v.wade decision. God keeps perfect records. These United States are in very serious trouble by God. For this henious act of disregard for human life. Let's stop our fronting and show some backbone. This life is not about any one individual or their efforts or attempts to make a name for themselves, or for their ministry. It's still about the law of God. Which is not prejudice, not filled with selfishness, arrogance or pride. It's filled with love and compassion and mercy. For which all of us are in desperate need of. The law of man should be connected and paralleled, to the Law of God.

Europe is one of the three brothers

Yes, Noah had three Ham, Shem and the Japheth. Japheth was the oldest brother. These three brothers scattered the earth with their seed. We today have what's known as Europe, Africa and the middle east. Anyone born in Europe, they are from Japheths seed. Anyone born in Africa, they are from Ham. Anyone born in the middle east are from shem. Why is there so much tension and misery, distress and dissension,and even chaos in our world? I'm not going to apologize for what I'm about to type here. Japheth, the oldest brother; hated the fact that shem, who was younger than him was the more blessed of God. This was God's choosing. Japheth was a mad man. His seed soon was revealed for how he really was. Because Europe had the material wealth, the technological wealth and the military strength; It assumed the leadership role of making efforts to rule the world. Listen, all of the serious mad men came out of Europe. Hitler, Stalin, Mussiline. To name a few. The serial killers came out of Europe. Jack the ripper, the list is long. Europe, because of it's power in these areas; somehow concoted this idea of it's attempts to civilize the rest of the world. In their minds, everyone who was not from Europe were uncivilized beast. And need to be trained by the better race. Yes this idea of K.K.K came out of Hitlers regime. Africa, was rich with diamonds and every precious thing. The middle east had it's blessed area. Today, we understand there's oil in them there hills. Europe had it's strength. But sadly enough it went to their head. Their assumtions were; we'll take over the world. Everyone who goes against us will be destroyed. In our world there are spirits at work. Unfortuanately the spirits of African Americans have been broken. When one is taken from their country, and brought to anothers; one that didn't even belong to the slave masters; To rebuild it as slaves, get it up and running. Fight for this country. Die for this country. And only be recompensed by being degenerated, considered the lowest on the land and treated with utter disrespect and contempt. Let alone not paid for the work done to build this new world. Shame on this governmental system. Now here we are in the 21st century. We have prisons, which are highly populated with African males. I say it's an indictment against this government to treat it's most valued members, who contributed the most of any race in this country. So that so many of us could enjoy the good life. How sad the prejudice, of a people who started out on top and are willing to remain there at any cost. Yes, every place the Europeans visited, turned into a chaotic, insane and tumultouruos mess. The most arrogance of this; is the fact: everywhere they went, they carreid with them; their Bibles, their weapons and their tobacco and wine. This is how they seduced their prey. They did it to the mexicans. They did it to the Africans. They did it to the Asians. They did it to the American natives. It worked, just tell them about God and Jesus. If that don't work. Let's get them drunk. If that don't work. Let's get them depended on us somehow. If that don't work. Let's just kill them. So in this we see manipulation by means of the Bible and God. We see distortion. And we see death. Listen, this is just straight stuff. All of the tactics used by the Europeans since Japheth time have only been orchestrated by the devil himself. The Bible say's God is not the author of confusion. Some have called the "white man" the devil. I will not be so judgemental. Japheth somewhere in his life and soul made a pact with the devil to curse his seed to causing chaos on the rest of the world. Yes, in every incident; Europe had a hand in instigating it. People fight and killing their own kinsmen, as in the case of Bosnia. It's the devil at work. Using and putting man against one another. One race belieing it's self to be better than another. This is childest. The Bible say's for all have sinned. Not just the African males and females, all. Why imprison a whole race of people and believe yourselves to be the best country in the world? This is hipocrisy. To murder at minumum about 43-to45 millon of our most precious persons the ones unable to speak or fend for themselves. Listen, United States, we have so much blood on our hands. We have guilt in our hearts. And misery in out land. Only God can help us. Not the God we used to manipulate others with. This God is the true and living God. Not one we pull out of the box when we need him. The one who created the box. Not the God we claimed helped us build this country. The God of Heaven. He has no respect of persons. We need to stop using religion to control the masses. And trust God to lead us is in our best interest. There are some very hard things to swallow in this writing. Again I make note: no apology will be made regarding anything said in this writing. May God bless us. Even though we don't deserve it.

What is the purpose of Humankind?

As thoughs of us who understands the Bible; God, destroyed the world with a flood. Because the wickedness of mankind was very severe. As the Bible states: "so God spared Noah and his family." Because Noah had faith in God, God saved his whole family. We understand also that Noah had three son's. The oldest, Japheth, Shem and Ham. Today these brothers, are known for the countries their seeds established. The eldest, Japheth is from all of Europe. Shem's seed is all of the middle east. And Ham's seed is everything in Africa. As it has been said, Ham was cursed with dark skin. This is a sham statement. No one was cursed, at least not on the basis of skin tone. Each brother was endowed with a particular blessing from God. Japheth was endowed with the knowledge and technology of learning. And the ability to control and manipulate the minds of people. Shem, which is where we get the lineage of our Lord Jesus Christ. Their mission was and is to share the message with the world, concerning God and his Son. (spiritual) Ham the youngest brother was giving the blessing of riches. So many riches, to supply the world with wealth. (Material) Some where, down the generations; because of the sin of the first man, human beings became more interested in self preservation, the rest of the world was forgotten about. Europe, by it having the power of knowlegde and the ability to share this with the rest of the world; in pride and arrogance, looked down it's nose at the rest of the world as being inferior. Instead of sharing their knowledge, giving to them by God; they used it to manipulate and dominate the rest of the world. Their arrogance led them to visit each of their brothers lands and literally rape their lands taking everything profitable to them. Yes, they visited Africa, and stole all of their resources. And afterwards, condemned them to a government left to self destruction. At this present time, the people of Africa are dying by the millions. From starvation to aids, they are literally being exterminated from planet earth. The middle brother Shem, Israel, Lebanon, Iraq and all of the rest of the middle east; is a ticking time bomb. These are two brothers fighting one another for thousands of years. Yes, since Abraham, his first son by Hagar, and Issac his son with Sarah. These brothers will be at odds until The Lord Jesus Christ; the Prince of peace settles the matter. These United States are only a mixture of these other races. Yes, this country was built by explotation, murder, rape, suicides and every other treacherous method. No race is exempt from sins against their fellowman. The Bible state's " for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." It would appear as though Japheth was jealous of his two younger brothers, even to the point of killing off their seed. No one else on planet earth had access to the knowledge of investment of money, the ability to manage ones finances, or the ability to aquire wealth. Europe refused to share this with Africa. Instead, there were all sorts of rumor made concerning African. Yes, it's true; the Africans weren't as knowledgeable concerning financial matters. There concern was more of the heart and for humanity. They may, have not had access to the schools of Europe, or their tecnology; but they were sincere in their hearts for their fellowman. These Untited States, claim it's foundation was built on God. This is not totally true. God, doesn't favor any race of people over another. He made us all. Anyone from Africa, or who's seed could be traced back to Africa, these persons are hated by everyone on planet earth. The worst part of this is, the people who hate the descendance from africa; is the descedance themselves. It's assumed anyone who's descendance is from Africa, carry such an embedded hatred for themselves. They hate though who resemble them. This hatred has been passed down the generations from those from Europe. Who, without much physical contact; made an impact on a whole race of people through the refusal of sharing the knowledge of financial and material blessings. Also, since knowledge is considered power; because most Africans who were taken from their country were refused access to this knowledge. Instead, self hatred was imposed, through the mind and spirit of these African. To the point where even their seed was affected with the consequences. The smallest population in these United States; the blacks in this contry are as zombies, controlled by someone other than their creator God. These unfortuanate individuals are doomed as a people, in this country. The greatest consumers in the country. Not owning any property, or not owning any companies to the extent of making a difference. Yes, there are some of us who are doing very well in our existence. But the stats aren't even on the charts. There are more of us incarcerated, than there are in college. More of us have contracted aids than the rest of the country. Our efforts of keeping up with the Jones, are futile. We chase the wind, and it's an impossible catch. These ideas, are for thought purposes only. Do your own research. When the spirit of a whole race of people; has been totally eroded. There's no wonder why the inner cities of this country are in such bad shape. The killing and murders are from those of a community bent on self annililation. With the man, contributing to this fact and idea. There's the drug epidemic, in the inner cites. Yes, this crack cocaine is addictive and killing multitudes of blacks as well as others. But particularly the blacks. What's really going on? As Was said earlier, "all of us are to blame, for the condition of this country." Will we ever wake up? And come to understand, the purpose of mankind.

What's the real answer to life?

Listen up, my dear readers of this website. God has all of us here, for a purpose. It's unfortunate our attitude regarding to why we exist on planet earth. Every one of us, are here for someone else. We weren't made to preserve our name, our lifestyle or our fame. This is a selfish way of seeing life. It's so easy for us to perceive our existence as it relates to us alone. Our comfort an ease, is at the top of the list. Because of sin, none of us are exempt from suffering. Because of sin, all of us have serious selfishness issues. Because of sin, we assume the position as a victim. We refuse, to take responsibilty for our actions. Everyone of us have a life story. Yes, how we were raised from children; most of it wasn't at all pleasant. We carry all our hurt into our adult life. All our relationships are contaminated because we refused to deal with issues from our past. We all have crosses to bear. We all have unpleasant things about us that others don't know. If they knew, they'd probably reject us. So we put up our fronts, giving off the impression that we have it all together. How sad, for us to sham ourselves to others who aren't any better off than we are. We befriend thoughs we have things in common with. Today, most people want fame, riches, the good life and also the christian life. We call these people fence staddlers. They want to be spiritual when it's convienent. And worldly when it's neccessary. If anyone claims to be a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, he must take up his cross and follow appropriately. Not when the system say's it's convienent. If your claim is a child of God, and your concern isn't others first; you're way off course. It's not easy to help others. Because, as in the Bible; ten lepers were healed. Only two returned to say thanks to the Lord. Who are we to think, we are suppose to be honored by man when we help and assist him? God first, then love your fellowman as yourself. This is the real answer to life.

Purpose what's yours, why are you here?

I'll start off by saying, God had in mind a special intent for every individual human being. No one here on planet earth is here by accident. Unfortunately, this world system seems to disagree with this concept. Why, you say is most peoples lives just the run of the mill? Mundane, just eat, drink and be merry. Just entertain me, I'll pay for it. Make me comfortable, I'll do anything for it. Just cause my life to be filled with ease. I'll be just fine. Wrong answer on all three. God designed us individually for a purpose. His intent was not for us to focus on this planet earth. In the sense that we do. The physical, will pass away. All we'll be left with is the spiritual. Most of us are having a difficult time making it from day to day. Why is this, you ask? Because, most of us are not aware to the fact that all things take time. Yes, there's a process to everything. The quick fix plan is only a band-aid. It only covers. We want the good life, friends, wine, love, lust, greed, selfishness and religion. We're okay with this. No concept of a God who sent his only begotton son to die for their miserable wretched souls. I'm included in this. We live our lives chasing the wind. God allows us to wake up each day. We have the audacity to think it was because we were so good. Wrong, it's because He's so good to us. He's kind and loving. He allows us the opportunity to do another day with different choices and different results. Actually, every day we live we should learn something. Most of us don't want to take time to learn because our lives are controlled by the system. Which ever way the wind blows it's cool with me mentality. Never venturing into the deep. Afraid of what others might think. The average Joe or Jane. No difference at all. Why, waste your life just trying to fit in and just to get along with everyone. If God ment for everyone to be the same, I know He could have made it happen. Let's stop living our lives from entertainment, ease and comfort. Let's make efforts to be as God intended us to be. Let's stop in our efforts to keep up with the Jones or the Browns or anyone else for that matter. If we follow the crowd, we'll recieve the consequences the crowd is awarded. Let's seek God first. Let's realize, that we are valuable to God. Let's not forget though; we're only vaulable as we allow God to work in us. Otherwise we are just miserable sinners deserving of a devils hell. Let me leave with this; If God made us different? Wouldn't you think He'd have a reason for doing so. Life will continue to be mundane for you if you don't know what your purpose is and why you are here on planet earth.

Similarities and differences

In this world we live, there are differences and similarities. What most of us fail to realize, is the fact that God made us all to be different. He owns this world. He has no part of the system of operations of this world. That belongs to the devil. Yes I, said the devil. If God's intention was for man to be different, why then is the system so concerned with everyone being the same. It's all about control. It's so much easier to go with the flow. It's so easy to get caught up in the rat race. It's so enticing and alluring to keep up with the Jones. It's normal according to the system to, drink, smoke, lie, cheat, steal, commit all sorts of immoralities. Why not, everybody else is doing it, right? Wrong, everybody else is not doing it. God made us all different for a reason. The system which is owned and operated by the god of this world. He hates difference, he hates goodness, he hates light. His idea is escapism, by any means. Don't face reality, run from it, hide from it or just simply deny it. The world system's moto is eat drink and be merry; tommorow may not come. Difference in this world is hated mercilessly. The same way of thinking, poses no threat to the order of the business of the day. When someone or something is different, something must change. Usually it's the different person, who changes to fit in with the ordinary everyday Joe. Being ordinary and regular is sad, because it's settling for less than God intended for us. We have unfamiliar DNA, from one another. We possess a different blood type. God knew what He was doing. Anyone who appears different is usually mocked bullied or made to feel embarrassed. God loves us all. But all don't love God. The Bible say's for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. God Hates the system, and so do I. I'm different and will be until I die. People don't have to be drones following a failing system. It's going to hell and all connected to it. Yes this is for real.

We are some pitiful creatures

When God made us, He made us in his image. So this would mean we were perfect, right? Why did Adam then believe he was missing something? He wasn't deceived, he was disobedient. God casted them out of the garden. They were so pitiful outside of the garden. They had to deal with the weather, they had to handle the confusion and chaos that was outside the garden. They had to contend with darkness. This was something they weren't familiar with. They were afraid of the beast of the field. They had to be concerned about things they never even thought about in the garden. Let's bring it up to the 21st century. Today we have all of our wonderful technology. We, believe we're more advanced they our forefathers. Sadly though we are just as pitiful as Adam was. And the worst thing is; we are unaware of it. We're miserable, and we don't understand why. We run and hide as crazed pitiful creatures, in need of vital assistance. Assistance that can only come from God. We are controlled by the earth we were to have dominion over. Our emotions rule us. We are, and can be very vindictive. We are arrogant, selfish, greedy, lustful and just downright mean. When all is said and done, we apart from God; are some pitiful creatures.

Watch your mouth

This concept is one which bears great caution. The Bible say's "the power of life and death is the tongue". Most of our current and past experiences came about, because of an inappropriate use of our speech. Since God made us in His image, the number one mark is found in how we appropriate our words. He spoke, and substance was made. We can literally speak ourselves into a life of misery on planet earth. Or we could speak ourselves into a life of heaven on earth. It's not depended on anyone else. You probably remember your parents saying; "you better watch your mouth". It's apparent to me now that what I say, I need to be very careful. And what I say, I must be willing to follow through on it. Most of our employers, employ people with less skill. This is easy, because as people we do understand that we need to work. Unfortunately though, most of us work jobs in the service spectrum. Janitors, Hospitality, etc. These jobs never intend to create wealth for their employees. The reason we have such a high statistic of employees willing to work these particular jobs, is for the most part they don't require much skill. I'm still on the same subject please stay with me. We usually don't want to perform at our highest potential. This is why most of us settle for this type of work. We speak ourselves into a mindset, with all the rest. We get the jobs everyone is applying for. Our mouths gets us in trouble, when we gossip. It gets us into trouble when we use our words to hurt others. It hinders us from a career plan, because we settle for the crumbs that fall from the rich man's table. What we say can cause us to remain at a job we totally despise. It's not for the money, it's because we have become comfortable in an undesirable type of employment. Words are powerful, They can heal or they can kill. Please my friend be mindful to watch your mouth.

Morally good spiritually dead

Most of us on earth, would consider ourselves good people. We never hurt anyone, we try to treat our neighbors right. We obey the law. We've done everything else. But we've never gone to prison. We go to church. We pray, and read the Bible. We have our nice families. All is well with us. We should go to heaven because we're not as bad as others. This type of thinking is held by the majority of people in this world. Bad people go to jail. No good person could possibly be locked up. It's okay to drink, it's okay to live with someone you're not married to. It's okay to commit fornication and adultery. Do you want to know why it's okay to do these things? Because you won't go to jail for committing them. Sin is sin. And technically speaking every one of us should be incarcerated for sinning against God. The Bible say's Jerm. 17:9 "the heart of man is evil and desperately wicked, who can know it". Oh, sure we may appear nice and lovely. But God searches and see our hearts. Most of us as far as reputation is concerned seems explicable. You can't see anything wrong with us. Spiritually we have missed the mark so far, we're no where near the target. It's something, we go to church, do everything right, give, show compassion to the charity organizations etc. and or still lost without a relationship with God. It's not about how good we appear to man. How does God see you? You nor I could ever do enough good to get us to heaven. Most people on planet earth are morally good but spiritually dead.

Spiritual in a physical body

It's something how we human beings have tried everything to satisfy or desires. We use so many methods and techniques to do so. Only to end up more worse off than we were before. We fail to understand why God allowed us to live on earth. We assume it's to experience everything that causes us pleasure. If it causes us to feel good, it can't be so bad. We don't understand, our whole being. We were made in the image of God; Spirit, soul and body. Here's what we do everyday of our lives. We focus our attention on the physical. Why do we do this? Because, one of our senses is sight. No one but God can see our hearts and our motives. We assume because of this, we can decieve one another. And usually we do. Unaware, to the fact that we have a spirit. Most of the spirit's in mankind is dead. This causes us much hardship. We in our feeble attempts seek various ways of satisfying ourselves, without any success. We seek a peace of mind by drugs or other mind altering methods. We seek relief for our urges by using one another to derive our pleasure. We use manipulation and control, because we have no control of ourselves. We are victims of a system, we are told by God to live above. Because most are spiritually dead, they can't hear or see God for their protection and help. Life on earth can be hell, without God and if you're not living spiritual in your physical body.

Are you a member of the church of Christ? Are or you just member of the local church?

Many of us today, assume just because we were baptised as children, attempt to keep the ten commandments, treat our neighbor right and live a good life; that we're christian. How untrue, in the first century, the terminology "christian" wasn't a nice title for goody to shoe's. It was said to thoughs who followed the Lord Jesus Christ's way of living and acting. Simply put, it was very derogatory. Today though we here in the twenty first century, have taken crosses, and the word christian and have turned it into a hollywood idea. If you're considered a christian at this present time, you are most likely held in respect. Because now a christian is only a reputable individual. We've taken all the glory from God. We've put our focus on man. When the Lord Jesus Christ, was with us physically; He was totally hated by mankind. I mean He was despised. Because He was good and light and love. Everything mankind needed, but was in great denial of. Today, the world is in the church. And the church is in the world. It's so sad, when if anyone were sincerely concerned about their eternal destination, it would be very difficult to find someone to share with them, how they could go to heaven. What we have in our world today is the same system that's been here after the fall of man. It's a system that hates God, it hates anything good and pure. This system loves chaos. It enjoys confusion. It's a system that find pleasure in division. It's a system that sales selfishness. This system is owned and operated by none other than satan "the devil". If you're a child of God. The system would do everything in it's power to discredit your life. It will, only by God's permission ruin your reputation. I mean, turn your name to dirt. You couldn't get a descent job if your life depended on it. The system again I say, only with God's permission could cause a label to be placed upon your forehead to have you as a leper. God's children are as sheep without a sheperd, scattered all over this planet. His children, for the most part are not in most of the local churches. Because the devil is in charge of most of these places. The local church, a long time ago was a place to find a descent spouse. Awhile back if you went you had some morals. Today, it's just a nice place to meet people who think as you think. Or people who act as you do. I sort of understand it, when the Bible say's of the Lord Jesus Christ,"the foxes have holes, and the birds have nest, but the son of man has no place to lay his head". The text was speaking about fitting in. The Lord did not fit in, when He was here on planet earth. How is it then, that most of our greatest effort are spent trying to fit in, and being accepted by this world's system? It's amazing to me how many mega churches there are in this world. Supposed, lights that can't even seem to make a dent in the darkness. It appears as though most of the local churches are only concerned with, making a mark in this world that can't be erased. How sad, God never intended for us to glorify ourselves or our ministries. There's all of these members Of some of these local churches, who's number one goal is to find out the technique of how these men acquired all this wealth. They could care less about a God who loves them and want to save their miserable wretched souls. God's children are in some of the most undesireable situations. Some are on sick beds, there are some who are homeless. Some who are blind. Some who have physical handicaps. Some who are incarcerated. Yes, God has children in prison. Please don't be surprised. God has children in every race and denomination on planet earth. There is no one set race or denomination that has a monpoly on God. Listen my dear readers; God is not in anyone's box. He's simply to big for our racial prejudices or our religious beliefs and judgements. He came into this world to seek and to save that which was lost. He didn't come to save a person who was good. That would defeated His purpose. This system would have us believe, only the good folks who attend church,on sundays are going to heaven. How wrong! So, if you believe you're good, and you treat your neighbor right, you attempt to keep the commandments. No one's perfect right? So you do the best you can. You live any kind of way you want, and think what you will in your heart. Here's my favorite, "you never went to prison". Your reputation is upstanding in your community. "Wow," this sounds like a perfect candidate for heaven, doesn't it? Sorry, if this describes you, you are a member of a local church, and not a member of the church of Christ. Marvel not "ye must be born again".

What gives us the right to be arrogant?

Does it stem from our childhood? We as people, perceive life in a variety of ways. Some believe life is a matter of self. Whatever causes you to feel good, can't be bad at all. We perceive God as the way we grew up. He's this stern figure just waiting for the right opportunity to smash us like a bug. Or Some of us perceive God as the fluff and puff God. He's warm and causes me to feel good inside. He's all loving and light. He never wants anyone to feel bad. He basically is tolerant of our behavior and attitudes. Some of us use the disguise method, since we can't see one another's hearts, we can easily deceive each other. As far as a relationship with the opposite sex goes; the two individuals will manipulate each other with methods of control. Sex is the main tool used. We front ourselves to allow others to see who and what they want to see. Usually it's not who we really are. Most of us have been abused in one form or another, so we have our many ways of coping with this violation which was acted out against us. We grow up with angry thoughts of revenge, or we grow up with the thoughts of saying we just want to make a difference. Some of which is true. But most of which is a cover up. It's usually act out in our lives. Most times it's in our performance. We work hard, and become workaholics. We drink hard, and become alcoholics. It could show it's ugly head in our sexual behaviors, we could be sex addicts. Lesbianism, homosexuality, or have any other maladaptive personality. Since most abuses happen to us when we were vulnerable, As we become adults we still assume the position as the child who was the victim. Because no treatment or mental help was performed,we become the perpetrator. This perpetrator could be any of us. No occupation is exempt. Yes, from the whitehouse to the outhouse. We human beings, perceive God in a very derogatory way. We see him as a stern disciplinarian. We see him as the one who wants everyone happy. We see him as one who really doesn't care how you live, just keep the commandments and treat your neighbor right. He's seen as this Santa Claus figure. Just name it and claim it. Believe is and receive it. Confess it and possess it. Listen, God is God. All by Himself. He doesn't need us to adlib Him. We perceive God as us. We think he acts like us. That he perceive as we do. How sad, and disrespectful this is. God made all of us. Not for us to say well; God is whatever you want him to be. Wrong, God is the creator of this universe. He's not a participant in any man's way of thinking. Since we can't see spiritually, and the world's system is all we know, this is probably what we believes gives us the right to be arrogant.

Confrontations of sin and negativitity

Jeremiah 17:9 say's "the heart of man is evil and desperately wicked." It's so sad and frustrating to hear the television preachers preach their health and wealth gospel. When over a third of the world's population, live in abject poverty. They are sick and have no hospitals to be admitted into. It's so sad these same preachers could live in their million dollar homes, and not have any concerns for even their neighbors who live in their communities. Sure they preach God doesn't want anyone ill, and God wants everyone rich. This is not the reality for most of the third world countries. Then we have those members of our societies, who usually are married, they have children, and they are in positions of authority. They take their trips and vacations,to most of these third world countries in search of their young girls and boys. Yes, I said these people, who according to this countries standard are men who attend church, some are C.E.O's. They are those in authority who assault their own children, whether sexually are physically are emotionally; Then there's the domestic violence. Come on, let's keep it real. There's so much wickedness in this world. God is judging already, and will continue to judge us for our wicked, selfish, greedy, perverse, judgmental, hypocritical and abusive behaviors. Just preaching a good nice gospel doesn't make sin go away. It just covers it up. Where's the hell and damnation preaching. This is where most of us are going anyway. By the choices and the decisions we make. Everyone will never be rich. Everyone will never be well. Is any thing changing around you? Is your preaching causing hearts to change toward God. People we need, and must be different in order to make a difference. And we must cease our pious, arrogant and passive attitude toward sin. confronting it, by call it out. And dealing with it. Capitalism is killing off the poor and the helpless. Monopolizing the job market, outsourcing jobs, the rich with power; crushing the poor. While accusing the poor, of being poor because they are weak. I will until I die never be intimidated by the corporations with their greedy shareholders and C.E.O's how sad. I will speak against this until I die or something changes. And I won't be ashamed or afraid to confront sin in this world and negativity.

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