Teaching and exhorting Instructions 230

Why Do we do what we do?

As people we live in a world, filled with anxieties and care, Men, women, boys and girls, giving up hope in despair. As goes hope, so goes all, while we live on earth, our condition worse after the fall, We see ourselves of little worth.

As we see ourselves, so see we mankind, As we look at one another the same, but there be thoughs who are puffed up in mind, as they look on others with shame. As we live and learn my friend, let's live honest just and true, all of us were born in sin, this is why we do what we do.

Life is not just about us being entertained.

As we live on earth, let's not live to be entertained. We center our lives around fun new and exciting things. Nothing is wrong with this at all. It's only wrong when it becomes our God. Yes we in this world have made entertainment more important than God. We'll pay anything to be entertained.

We want to be entertained at church, we want to be entertained in our recreation; we'll pay until it hurts us, to be entertained. The entertainment industry is a billion dollar market. Earning off the ideas of the consumer. Whatever we lend our attention to most, that is our "God".

Why are local churches the way they are

The local church, is a hospital to the individual who's sick and in need of spiritual revitalization. Many activities take place in the local churches. There's the leadership in a local church; which consist of a pastor and the ushers and deacons,Sunday school teachers etc. Churches today, are more like clubs. Their concern is not for anyone, who's different to join and participate in the activities. Most local churches have the spirit of rejection upon them. Yes, you feel it the moment you walk through the front door. It's not the Spirit of God, one feel. It's the spirit that's in and of the world. In most of the local churches, there's more hateful, hurtful and harmful people than in the world. It could be because, the world is in the church. This judgment of one man by another is ungodly. Most of the members in the local churches have their own agenda in mind. And this agenda, has nothing to do with the God of the Bible. Most church members, believe church is for good people. People who never had in problem in their life. Why, do we front so much? All of us have sinned. It's religiosity for one to think he's better than another. So a person appears morally pure, they don't break the law; they never been incarcerated, they never did anything morally wrong. But Spiritually they are not indwelted by the Holy Spirit. They have the good reputation in man's eyes. But they are not actual children of God. No character at all, to sustains them. This is why the ungodly don't want to go to church. They already feel convicted by their lifestyle, they don't need to be made to feel worst by man. The local church is here to help hurting people. It's not to judge people. Most of mankind is on their way to a devils hell. Most of the people in the local churches believe, there are those who deserve hell more than others. All of us deserve to go to hell. But God so loved the world. He came to seek and to save. Not to be hateful and judgmental. In most of these local churches, they want others to believe as they do. Be it right or wrong. There's local churches that have the truth and no love. These local churches claim to have the right message, and they do. Only they have the wrong attitude and spirit. There's the spirit of prejudice, the spirit of racism and the spirit of arrogance. We who claim to be children of God, ought to be examples to a lost and dying world. We need to remove ourselves, so people can see God. The spirit of the world is in the churches, this is why the local churches are the way they are.

Why Not Forgive?

Most human beings are angry about certain events that happened in their life. Anger held long enough turns into bitterness! Which is simply anger turned inward. Anger there's nothing wrong with the right type. When manipulation, controlling tendencies and tantrums are simply childish behavior. Forgiveness is not for someone else, it's for your own sake! Stop being so concerned about your rights being violated! You've done things to hurt others, right? Stop pretending you don't need to be forgiven by God! God can't forgive you, if you can't forgive others.

What is your motivation?

First of all, God, knows our hearts and our motives. Yes he's omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. Which means, He's knows all, He's everywhere and He's all powerful. We front, our motives and intentions. God knows, why we do what we do. The Bible inspires us to do all we do to glorify God. We may say, we are doing what we are doing to bring praise to the Lord. But our attitude, apparently isn't aware of our motives. It all goes hand in hand. If the motive is right, the attitude will be also. Today, with all of the mega churches and healing ministries,the prosperity preaching and the speaking of tongues. We have become a society of I, me and my. Everyone wants to be the great one who changes the world. So they will be remembered. While souls are dying and going to hell, people are trying to immortalize themselves. The mega churches aren't making a major difference in this world. It has only become a corporation. This is the world system, of operation. We have the better ministry join us, send us your money we are making a difference. Who's right, who's wrong, how do one determine this? Why are people still perishing and going to a devils hell. Why, is there still so much abuse in our world? Is it that we are more concerned with making our congregations bigger, or to make our world better. Some of us who claim to be christian, don't understand that God is to been seen; in every aspect of our life. No one is here to make a name for himself. God will share His glory with no man. We may preach to hundreds of millions of people. We may have ministries, in every arena of life. We may feed the hungry and house the homeless. At the end of the day, when all is said and done; what is your motivation?

The spirit which crucified Christ is still here

When the Lord Jesus Christ walked on planet earth, He was considered odd and peculiar and strange. Why, you asked? Because He came into a world where the spirit of this age, which is the devil; hated him. The Bible II Cor. 4:3,4 "In whom the god of this world has blinded the minds of them which believed not; lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ who is the image of God, should shine unto them." This spirit which was behind the crucifixion of Christ is still here. God is hated in the 21st century even as He was in the past. Jesus was despised and rejected, a man of sorrow and acquainted with grief. And we hid, as it were our faces from Him. He is despised and we esteem Him not. Surely He has bore our sorrows and carried our grief. He was wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquity. Isa. 53:1-6 Yes, this spirit is still here, on planet earth. We who are indwelt by God's Spirit are hated by this spirit in an identical manner. When we're filled, we're controlled by the Holy Spirit, we act like God. We shouldn't ever seek to be to friendly, with this world system. It's a hundred percent against God. This is why the Bible say "Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love this world(System) the love of the father is not in him. The spirit of this age is alive, kicking and scratching because he knows his time is just about up. Yes, this degenerate spirit is still here.

Teenagers please read carefully these instructions

As we go through our phases of life, there are choices we must make. As children most of our choices are made for us. As we mature, we must begin to understand that we are ultimately responsible for ourselves. Once we reach our adolescent years, it seems as though life gets a little bit more complicating. And in reality it does. We must then evaluate the situation, by what hopefully our parents have instilled in us. If we received no instructions regarding life, Life will seem more difficult. We have a God in heaven, who can train us through his Holy Spirit. To make the adequate choices regarding our lives. Most of the peer-pressure nowadays is centered on either sex or drugs. One teen might say,"every bodies is doing it." Not so, there are adolescents who make vows to keep their virginity, and not to involve themselves with drugs. Teenager, you must make a choice, are you going to follow the crowd? Or are you going to be different? The reason most teens choose to follow the crowd is because they don't want to feel left out. They want to be accepted. Being odd is not popular, if your a teenager. They don't mind doing things, they are uncomfortable with; just to fit in. Only to find out, afterwards these very peers of theirs, lose total respect for them. Daniel, was a Bible character, he purposed in his heart; not to defile himself with the misgivings of the world of his day. As an adolescent, you must make choices, in your best interest. When you do this, it will affect the rest of your life. I understand so many teens say "I can't wait until I'm grown." After twenty one they say "I wish I were a teenager again." Why is this? Because once we arrive adulthood we realize life doesn't get easier, it is constantly becoming more confusing and complicating. We can't rely on our parents, to bail us out of situations. We are then totally responsible for ourselves. Stay with me please, you can make it though. But as teens you must prepare for the future. We must learn good work ethics, we must learn how to work with people. We must learn, that we do not have to gratify every desire we have immediately. We need to learn to be patient. After all, we are only children and adolescents, for a short period. But we will be adults for the rest of our lives. So what we do, say, who our friends are, and the activities we involve ourselves with; can have a major impact on our life. Sex, is not for teenagers. First of all, sex is for married people. Secondly, you don't show love by having sexual relations. This only causes more complications for your young life. These complications can and will follow you throughout your adulthood. Smoking and drinking are not cool. They are dangerous to your body. The earlier you begin the longer you'll be addicted. Please don't start. When a person reaches their teen years, it seem to them as though they are invincible. Their parents can't tell them anything, their teachers can't seem to reach them. Only their peers, can reach and connect with them. Only they understand, so they say. God has a wonderful plan for your life young person. Please don't create for yourself regrets before you begin to truly live. Listen, take notes observe, follow wise advice. You only have one virginity, and if you give it to someone who's not your husband; you'll regret it. And once you open Pandora's box, only God can help you restrain it. This is for the young males and females, your not invincible. Teenagers get AIDS and STDS also. Please take heed to these exhortations and instructions.

Healing and Miracles

The Bible say's, God can heal. And He can do miracles. Do we believe the Bible? Then why are we so surprised when the Lord heals someone, or when He performs a miracle? It's because we really don't believe the Bible or we are ignorant to the interpretation of it. God never intended for us to focus on the healing, or the miracles. His desire is for us to focus on the healer and miracle worker. My point is this; we won't need to be healed, if we are obedient to the Word of God. We won't need to test God if we understand the scriptures. We human beings are always seeking, new and exciting experiences. Why, because we don't understand. We don't understand the work of the Holy Spirit. His job is to empower us to live this everyday life. It has nothing to do with speaking in tongues or jumping and dancing. This can all be done in the flesh. Yes, I have to agree; this is all done by a spirit. But it's unfortunate when people claim these activities are orchestrated by the Holy Spirit. Healing's are necessary when a person is ill. But when a person, through their own choices, caused themselves to be ill; God is not obligated to heal them. There's a consequence to every behavior, we engage ourselves. The results appear in our physical bodies. Those of us who know God, and disobey Him, have the consequences to live with. When our conduct and behavior is negative and consist of substances, nicotine, alcohol, crack-cocaine, heroin and marijuana etc. There are physical and mental consequences for these destructive activities. There are STDS, that are contracted by everyone who refuse to operate according to the standards of the Word of God. Yes, my friend God has a law in place. This law is call sowing and reaping. It amazes me how we can expect God to heal us, or grant us a miracle when we first of all don't even have a personal relationship with him. Or we, are his children out of fellowship with Him. Our conduct or habits we have, or we acquire in our lives; have consequences for our best health or to our detriment. Let's first make sure we are children of God. And in fellowship with God. And always remember that God still performs healing and miracles.

What about speaking in tongues

The charismatic movement, speak of the nine gifts of the spirit. Which particular emphasis on speaking in tongues. What these people fail to realize, is along with speaking in tongues, there must always according to scripture be an intepretator present. It's not to glorify the individual or to impress the masses. If the Holy Spirit allows one to speak in tongues it's all to glorify God. If this is not the objective, it no matter the setting, is done in the flesh, and done in vain. It's easy to impress man as to how spiritual we appear. Remember this; God doesn't impress so easily. We attack those of other denominations because of their approach on this idea of speaking in tongues. I was always bewildered at those who attended my High School. Some of these people claimed, to speak in tongues; they acted as, some of the worst people. These professors of Christianity were not performers of the lifestyle. They didn't conduct themselves appropriately at school. They were disobedient to their parents. Working, and all of our activities should be to glorify God. Speaking in tongues as we in the 21st century know it, is for the attention to ourselves. Not necessarily to the glory of God. The Baptist, seem to have the truth. But they don't have, the love of God. This denomination focuses mostly on the deeds we do. This is also known as legalism. The other religions focus on other aspects. The Charimatics give their attention to, the activities which touch the emotions. Yes, the holy dance and the lifting up of hands all are biblical. When we are performing these acts in the flesh it's only on the surface, showing off. No life, has been changed by emotions. The Holy Spirit is the only one who can change any heart. Most of us know the right phrases, have the proper intellect, we have a form of godliness but not according to truth. So, what about speaking in tongues,let us learn to appropriate the Bible.

The religious seems more spiritual than the christian

In the Old Testament and New Testament of the Bible, there were always thoughs who appeared to be more spiritual than the ones who were children of God. Why, you ask did the scribes and pharisees appear more religious than the Holy Spirit indwelt people. This is the reason; It's easy to perform any action in the carnal man. It doesn't require much to behave in a religious manner. The Bible say's the carnal man is against God, and the things of God. There are so many deeds done in the name of God. Many do not have the presence of the Holy Spirit in participation. These activities are done strictly by the flesh. And as the Bible say's, they that are in the flesh cannot please God. It's a wonder to me how so many people, can go to church, pray, give and speak in tongues and even preach in the flesh. When we speak of the flesh, we are speaking about anything that contradict the will of God. A person may appear to be good outwardly and be possessed with the spirit of racism. Or be prejudiced against a particular race, and then profess to be called to minister to this identical race, in another country. Most of the people in our world are good law abiding citizens. This doesn't mean they have a personal relationship with God. It seems as though the religious person, is trying in their base nature to act as a person who claims to be a christian. In some cases they appear more spiritual. The Holy Spirit performs changes on the heart and mind of mankind. He through the word of God, desires to transform our thinking. When the mind is changed to glorify God, the people can once again, begin to be convicted by the Holy Spirit. The religious can never be saved, by religion. The christian, must allow the Holy Spirit to fill them, that is we must allow the Spirit of God to control our lives. It's only then, that we who are children of God, will appear as we are suppose to. Truly spiritual people exemplifying the Lord Jesus Christ.

What does the Bible say about money?

II Tim. 6:10 says" for the love of money is the root of all evil". Money is not the root of all evil. It's when money is more important than God and people; this is wrong. We have in our world the very rich and the very poor. Both contribute to the other. The rich, because of the economic aspect of it, prospers off the poor. If there were no poor, this would hurt the economy. Yes there's profit in the misery of others. This message is by no means condoning or pitying poverty. This attitude regarding having money or not is a choice. No one has to stay poor. It's more of a mental idea though. Most poor people, don't make any effort to improve their condition. What I'm saying is this; they are to busy blaming this or that for their condition. We can't be angry with rich folks, most of them followed the process to acquire their riches. It's sad when the system caters to the poor and to their poverty plight. "Well the're poor, they don't care about themselves." So we don't care about them either. How sad. Money is to solve problems. The intent was never God's. It was man's idea to use paper money. There's gold to back the currency we use. Most people, don't understand. Money has it's own built in problems. You must be responsible if you will be rich. If not it will, destroy you. Ultimately what it boils down to is this; money is best handled by someone who understands it's power. Ignorance may seem to be bliss, but not when it pertains to financial matters. There have been some poor people, who was made rich. Without having the proper mentality, they failed miserably. So poverty is not spiritual, and neither is being rich. It all depends on our frame of mind.

Legalism is powerful

It's so sad when a pastor uses a idea or method to control his flock. This idea of legalism, is a method of creating efforts, to control the conduct or behavior of an individual. This idea works well in that it causes one to act like a christian. Only the actions are from the operation of the flesh. This act of legalism is the conforming of one's behavior, without any attempts to perform any work on the inner man. The spirit of the man is not affected by our behavior. It's our faith, or I should say the faith of God. This causes us to live according to the word of God. Not to live and spend our energies trying to impress man. Legalism is only a method to control and manipulate. My learning's have shown me, most of us human beings don't know how to adequately deal with our fellowman. We usually operate ulterior motives. I mean we are pretentious in our dealings. We make every effort to control others, with either the Bible or with threats of revealing a secret we trusted someone to keep. How sad, we don't know how to honestly deal with one another. Our power comes from how many people we can control. Yes, there are preachers who want to know all of your business. They want to control how you raise your children. They want to know all of your business so you'll be obligated to them. This sounds harsh, but it's very true. This is why legalism is so powerful.Rom.13:1 Say"power is originally from God". We focus only on the fact of rebelling against the man. If he's wrong he must be shonned. One really can't correct a person who God ordains. Only God can judge him.

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