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From the beginning of time, the true people of God have refused to trust Him as our provider and protector. We wanted to assimilate as those who we allowed to invade our country. There were Greeks and others who had nothing to do with the God of the universe. This world system has no connection to God whatsoever. Which means anything can happen apart from GOD. Good gave us Commandments! Can you understand the universe isn't even apart of this system. Whatever happens in this godless system, can be changed by the universe. The universe is perfect and pure righteous and just!


The term negro came from this factual account of a people who's history goes back thousands of years. Our history didn't just begin a couple of centuries ago. Since we want to be as ever other godless heathen who hated God, we want to be like them! GOD protected and provided for these people. They begin to take on the characteristics of the people around them. Here's what happened, a people we trusted in our country, over time changed us from within. We had our own country it was called NEGROLAND. Yes, this was a real place.


There were these twelve tribes of Jacob who's name was changed to Israel. These people today are everywhere in this world. They consist of ever people who are not gentiles. Anyone who is not an Israelite is a Greek! The Caucasian race has permeated their doctrine of Christianity to control the world. They were able to do this because God's true people handed it over to them. We wanted so eagerly to fit in. We were willing to deny GOD and his instruction. We threw our fist in GODS face as our enemies did and are doing. It's something how we wanted to be accepted so bad into the heathen attitude and way of life. We lost the notion that we are the true CHILDREN OF ISRAEL!


I can tell you where they are not! They aren't in JERUSALAME! Listen, we have come a long way from where we were! It's something how we may attend church, claim to be a Christian and live as the heathen. GOD's people, listen and obeys HIM! The only way God can be worshipped is in Spirit an truth! God's children are hidden in the earth! I mean all over it!


This world as we know it has always been filled with darkness. The sad part is when this darkness gets sponsored by the media, the rich and the elite. There's really no contest of light verses darkness as we may think. It all boils down to our choices and our decisions. Because we are filled with darkness by nature, we have a kinship with it! GOD is light! We resist this, because we want to replace GOD with our own ideas and rules. So why do we celebrate evil attitudes, evil life styles and evil behaviors? The simple answer is we ourselves are evil! The earth is cursed because of the choice we made so long ago. Not, the universe! This world system is Godless! Anything against GOD is endorsed, celebrated, paraded down the streets and even condoned as right. The laws are even in place to protect godless behaviors. If you refuse to glamor the behavior you could be sued. And lose your business. This is why SPONSORS AND ENDORESMENTS ARE IMPORTANT!


It's amazing how you can have people who are in the same family, went through most of the same circumstances and see life totally different from one another. We all have 24/7 we all have the usual habits needed to survive. It all comes down to the decisions and choice we make. Where you notice a difference. God made us all for and with a purpose. It's sad when only a few of us will actually find and fulfill that goal. The rest of us are known as the haters. Those who grew up with us. Went through most of the same situations. They refuse to make the choice for God. In so doing it was brought on them this jealous and benevolent spirit to be offended by their decisions to do the right thing. Not truly grasping the idea that God made us all different. And he has a plan and purpose for us all. With the same experiences and the same mistreatment, we who choose to be different. Are hated by those closet to us!

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