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We Have The Same Conduct As Adam

Adam, after he disobeyed God; knew he was naked and that he was wrong. His attempt to try and hide, was to cover himself up with his own type of covering. Today in the twenty first century we call this fronting. Everyone of us front ourselves. We know we are wrong. But don't you tell me I'm wrong. I feel bad enough. I already know I'm wrong.

How do the 21st century live?

Here's what we in the 21st century do; we don't need to find leaves to cover ourselves, we are way to dignified and sophisticated for that. We front ourselves, giving our fellow man the impression that we have it all figured out. We now have new ways to hide from God.

Outward activity empty inner self!

We hide behind our careers, we hide behind our positions on our jobs. We hide behind our relationships. We hide behind religion, we hide behind sex and what gratifies us. We hide behind our positions of authority. We hide behind fame. We hide behind the pulpit, man is forever trying to hide from God.

We All have our particular issues!

Listen, the visitors to this website; we no longer have to hide and front ourselves. The Bible say's all have sinned, and have come short of the glory of God. Also it say's there is none that do good, no not one. Who are you trying to impress? If it's God, forget it. If it's man that's easy.

Full active outwardly, Empty inwardly

In This twenty first century, we are so physical appearance conscience. What I mean is we focus only on what we can see. One person may say, I would never do this or that; while this same person is prejudice in their heart. Man looks on the outward appearance. God sees the heart.

Arrogance and selfishness and Unforgiveness!

We may be in a new era, but we are still very close to our forefather Adam. With ideas of as long as I don't physically injure anyone I'm okay. Wrong, now we're talking about the law of man. The law of God say's if you hate in your heart you've sinned. No, I understand you won't be incarcerated if it's only in your heart. There's racism in the hearts of us. We can think and imagine anything we want in our hearts and not be put in prison. But God, He sees differently and He judges accordingly. The heart of man is evil and desperately wicked. We are not as nice as we appear to be. Come on let's stop fronting.

Life is not just about us

When God made each and every one of us, He had one main objective. He wanted his creation to procreate. Life is not about individuals, who's only concern is themselves. God sees generations. So does the devil. There are many more families with curses on them, than there are families that are blessed. It all begins with one man, who believes his life is his own. He lives in promiscuity and in lasciviousness. The single person believes because they are single, can live any immoral lifestyle. And when they meet their mister are miss right, they straighten up their act and become good citizens of morality. Not understanding, they have already set in motion a chain of unfortunate events. They have the consequence of their past actions catching up with them. There's this spirit which attached itself to your entire life. Whatever is a part of your seed is infected by your past conduct. Don't be surprised, when it skips your children and affect your grandchildren. We are not alive only for ourselves. The most important time in any persons life is when one is single. There are various diseases and permanent consequences for living selfishly and nonchalantly. God holds us all responsible for our lives. And whether a child of God or not, we will be held accountable for our actions. And we can't live one way single, and another way once we get married. God can use one man to change this whole world. But this cost is high, and the price may be you will be rejected by some of your best friends. But God, will make it up to you. Let us not focus only on ourselves, but also on those who will come after us. Our seed is important. Let's not live any more under the curse of the devil. But under the blessing of God.

Why do people brag

People brag usually to impress others. The things we brag about are mostly how bold we have been under certain circumstances. Men brag about how many women they've been with. Women brag about how much alcohol they've consumed. And the activities they involve themselves with after their actions. We brag because we want to fit in. Why, fit in when we are all different? If every one's doing it, then it must be right. This is a lie. Teenagers drink because of peerpressure. Young ladies lose their virginity, to prove their love for a guy. Listen it's all a mode of bragging. They say, a real man spreads his seed every chance he get. They say, a man can have many women. And a lady should only have one man. How twisted a thinking is this? First of all let's find out who they are? They are you and I in cooperation with this world system. God created sex. We don't brag about this. It's a private matter. But pornography has made it a public matter. The porn industry has more of an impact on mankind than christianity. This is why so many families are cursed. There is a spirit of destruction passed from generation to generation. Their are sex offenders everywhere. This is a generational curse. Nothing to be bragged about. Most people believe it's the way they were born. Not so, because it's been in the family line for so long one believes he's born to be a lover of other men. Or one because of a spirit of perversion in the family the female believes she was born to have a sexual relationship with another female. It goes way back to great great grand parents. We cannot claim we were born with the defect of attraction to the same sex. If one is born with a gender, God will hold one accountable to conduct himself or herself accordingly. Let's stop bragging to impress others, and condut ourselves as human beings who respect each other and not to attempt to fit in. Just be who God made you to be. If you don't know how, just trust God. And acknowledge the curse on your family. The Lord will need to save your soul first. He loves us and don't want us to brag or live anymore under the generational curse. Let's allow God to change our hearts and minds.

This what's up with us

We want to reach as many people with knowledge for the spirit of man. Because the spirit of man is dead, how can he learn? It's because their is the Spirit of God. His mission is to redeem mankind to Himself. This website is seen all over the world. So it would behoove me to share the messages with the whole world. All have sinned whether in the U.S. or in another part of this world. And everyone is in need of a saviour. There are differences as to how each country governs it's citizen. God is still God. And he owns it all and us all. He made us all different for His own purpose. Yes, He has a plan for each of us. This purpose, is not for us to perform the same as another. But to seek to be who He has made us to be. We will all be held accountable for the lives we'd lived here on planet earth. Our time, on the earth is time for us to improve and help out thoughs of our fellow man who are less fortunate than ourselves. Our lives are not our own. We owe one another only love. Not only in words but followed up by actions. This is what's up with us.

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