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This website is targeting those who want to know, how to enjoy the things they have. God is the only one who can allow you to live a rich rewarding life. This life is not based on anything material. It's all about the spirit man. We need to be able to see spiritually first. Knowledge is power, and the mind is a terrible thing to waste.


Since we are born sinners, our spirits are dead. God who knows all planned to redeem us back to himself. Because we were born in sin, we were born dead spiritually. Disconnected from God, we were unable to communicate with God. Because God is a spirit, physically there was just know way to interact. It's only by means of the Gospel, where we are allotted the opportunity to reconnect with God. The Spirit of God takes the Gospel and convicts our hearts. He reveals to us our need for salvation. He convicts us as to our fallen condition. Yes, we must admit we have sinned against God. And that we believe the death, burial, and resurrection was done for the saving of our souls. The spirit draws us. NO PRAYER HAS EVER SAVED ANYONE!

Salvation is more than for the Soul!

Please, read this information carefully. We are the best of all that God has created. But we act so much out of character,as to why he made us. He made us from himself, and for himself. We already know he can do all things. We insist on, testing and tempting Him. God has saved, some of the worst of us. And he has saved, some of us, who didn't live a life, as bad as others so we think. Many professing Christians go no further than salvation of their soul. There's no discipleship! Many are won to Christ as Savior! Immediately put to work. Personal follow up are not adequately carried out. With this mentality, it's easy to burn out! Even before we get started. Can a physical baby be expected to work a job? A new born Christian must be weaned watched and worked with until mature enough to stand and walk by themselves. If this doesn't take place, these new born will not last long in their beginning years. Legalism is the outcome. When work is more important than worship and relationship, this is a very difficult life! Let stop the madness. The mind must be renewed! Mind body and spirit, in balance!

The Bible states if the foundations are destroyed what can the righteous do?

K.F.T.S.M is new and fresh. Come on in and take a look. "Knowledge For The Spirit Man" Today, the new gospel consist of a combination of mysticism, christian science, positive thinking and metaphysical. All of this is already cultic in itself! Combined it with the death, burial and resurrection of Christ and in a sense you have a deformed unnatural damning religion. it appeals to so many people, because the bloody and vicious death burial and resurrection of Christ is really scary and it calls into account unholy sinners who desperately need blood to atone for their sins! This idea of, just think right, believe it and recieve it. This never get ill, mentality goes back to the early 1900's. With a man named K. W. Kenyon He started out as any believer must! He believed Christ died on the cross for his sins, was buried and rose again on the third day! He was saved! he wanted to, later on in his Christian life, he encounters some strange individuals. From very cultic religions. They would include, Christian Science, Mysticism, metaphysical and the positive thinking aspect. namely Norman Vincent Peale. He decided, if he could in corporate these, mix them with Christianity, he could create a super religion! All he did was created an access to hell closer than it was before. So, my friend, the television movement of "christian services", is nothing more than a religion void of the power of God! With a host of great motivational speakers, with charming and benigning personalities.It's almost like a magic act! God doesn't need us adding anything to his salvation! And he's not impressed when we choose to perform these super unatural feats! Take an enlightening look into the world where the physical man cannot understand. The reason the physical man can't comprehend life is because we are looking at it without God, in our life. Notice the picture, I added. I'm thinking about many things. But at the moment, I'm thinking about all my readers and visitors. I have two new written books IN THE STEPS OF A PREACHERMAN & IN THE STEPS OF A PREACHERMAN2

The god of this world has man's eyes blinded.

In this country, most people believe that being a christian means going to church, giving, being a good neighbor and not being incarcerated. This is being religious. Reputation is being concerned with what man thinks about you. Character is what God knows about you. Let's get a relationship with God.

This is God's website

I woke up one morning in June 2005. God laid on my heart to start a website. With all the knowledge He allowed me to learn. It was 28 years worth of knowledge, stored up in me. God wanted me to share it with the general population. So here I am, I'll share everything I know. If one person is helped; it's worth it. I hope this website helps you, as you read the infomation inside. And apply this knowledge to your life; God will bless you. as He did me. Thank you God

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